Victoria Bolton

SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor, Agriculture and Veterinary Technology Department

“I love to teach and I love what I teach so it is easy to stay excited, enthusiastic, and engaged about my courses. I love the stuff! I have found that enthusiasm is contagious, even when we are looking at urine under the microscope! I find the more enthusiastic I am about what we are seeing, the more enthusiastic the students become and the harder they work to understand the material presented.

“I borrow my teaching philosophy from the great ‘philosopher,’ Charlie Brown, who stated, ‘Life is more than a multiple choice exam.’ The Vet Tech courses at Alfred State are intense. They involve diagnostic procedures that save lives. A missed reaction, misinterpreted result, or poorly documented report will harm a patient. Students must do more than memorize facts – they must be able to observe, interpret, and communicate! They must be prepared to relate and apply information learned in order to handle a variety of situations they will face in the ‘real’ world.”