700 Examinations

701 Final Examinations

701.1 A final examination period will be included in the academic calendar at the end of each semester. Final or unit examinations will be scheduled according to the final exam matrix during the examination period for all courses,  as established by the registrar’s office. Exams for evening classes will be scheduled during the final exam period during the same day/time as the class normally meets.  Departments with multiple section courses desiring combined section testing must coordinate the scheduling of this exam with the registrar’s office. Faculty concluding a course with a unit exam must give the unit exam during the final examination period. All comprehensive final examinations must be scheduled during the final examination period.

701.2 The decision to have a final evaluation for any course will be determined by a consensus of the faculty currently teaching the course. A final exam or a final project may be used. Notice of the decision will be provided to the course department chair and announced to the students during the first week of instruction on the course syllabi.

701.3 The weight of the final examination in computing the final grade shall be at the discretion of the course instructor.