Academic Minors

An academic minor at Alfred State is an optional program of study available to matriculated baccalaureate students. A minor may be used to complement the major course of study, broaden and enhance career opportunities, gain expertise in an area of interdisciplinary studies, or provide an in-depth study in a subject of special interest.

A minor is described as a thematically related set of academic courses, consisting of no fewer than 18
credit hours. A minor will be officially recorded on the transcript when a student has satisfied all
requirements for the major baccalaureate program and the minor, and has attained a 2.0 grade point
average in the courses approved for the minor.

The following academic minors are available to students studying in a baccalaureate program:

Students wishing to pursue minors should first discuss options with their advisers and meet with the department chair where the minor resides to determine specific course requirements. Students must apply for minors on degree application forms.