Information Technology Minor

Students in this minor will complete a series of information technology courses in areas of interest to the student including computer applications, web development, programming, networking, database and management. This is open to all majors on campus at the Bachelor's Degree level. This minor may be particular interest to business and engineering majors. Prerequisites are required for some courses. Waivers to these prerequisites may be granted by the department based on prior related course work or experience. This major may not be selected by information technology majors, or students completing the network administration, web development, or applications software development minors.


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for each
Course NumberCourse TitleCredit Hours
1CISY 1003Microcomputer Applications (F or S) or3
 CISY 1023Introduction to Information Technology (Fall) or3
 CISY 1103Introduction to Information Management (F or S) or3
 CISY 4033Networking 1 (Fall) or3
 CISY 5233Human Computer Interaction (Spring)3
2CISY 2153Database Applications and Programming I (Spring)3
3CISY 1113Introduction to Computer Programming (Fall) or3
 CISY 1123Intro to Computer Programming for IT (F or S) or3
 CISY 5123Scientific Programming in C & C++ (Fall)3
4CISY 3223Introduction to Web Page Development (Fall)3

Elective Courses – Select 2 (6 Credit Hours)

Total Number of Credit Hours: 18