EDUC - Education

Alfred State courses are grouped into the following sections:

  • A study of the psychological principles and research as applied to learning, teaching, and classroom organization. Content of the course will include theories of learning and teaching, characteristics and individual differences of students, the effective learning environment, and evaluation and measurement of student achievement. The potential teacher will learn how to be an effective problem solver in the educational environment.
  • The course examines the social, historical, ethical and philosophical foundations of the U.S. educational system. Attention also will be paid to contemporary educational opportunities and challenges including the evolving teaching role, school equity and funding, educational standards and assessment, classroom diversity and multicultural education, social justice, and reform initiatives.

  • This course allows students who have successfully completed an education course to continue study in that subject. A student may contract for one to four credit hours. However, directed study may be contracted by a student only with the approval of the directing instructor and the department chairperson.