HPED - Health and Physical Education

Alfred State courses are grouped into the following sections:

  • To develop the skills of passing, serving, spiking, and blocking.
  • To provide students with a better understanding of the human body and concepts, attitudes and practices concerning Health and Wellness. This course focuses on all the dimensions of Wellness.

  • This course is designed to expose the student to the many basketball skills and types of playing.

  • To develop skills, knowledge, and proper fitness levels pertaining to soccer.

  • Ultimate Frisbee is an exciting and rapidly growing sport. Most people can find opportunities to play within their own communities. The purpose of this course is to cover all the rules and regulations of the game Ultimate Frisbee. The students will be given the opportunity to play and develop certain skills of the sport. This sport could be a lifelong activity that promotes a healthier lifestyle by obtaining certain cardiovascular benefits from participating in this sport.

  • Aerobics to music where the student will learn sound lifetime habits of fitness.

  • To develop the skills necessary to cross-country ski on a variety of terrains and appreciation for the outdoors.

  • To develop the skills of passing, serving, spiking, and blocking.

  • High-impact aerobics to music where the student will learn sound lifetime habits of fitness.

  • To provide the students with the softball skills necessary to participate in the game recreationally.

  • A course to provide each student with a workable frame of reference concerning the principles, organization, and philosophical aspects of physical education and athletics.

  • Learning various techniques in tennis as well as different strokes (forehand, backhand, volley). Knowing the rules of the game.

  • This course provides the student with a general frame of reference concerning physical fitness, health-related fitness and motor skill-related fitness, as it relates to individual needs and interest.

  • This course provides the student with an introduction to the history, theory, and philosophy of the recreation movement and its relation to individuals and groups in our changing society. Emphasis will be placed on orienting students to recreation leadership as a vocation within the structure of community recreation (public, private, commercial).

  • A student may contract for one to four credit hours of independent study through an arrangement with an instructor who agrees to direct such a study. The student will submit a plan acceptable to the instructor and to the department chair. The instructor and student will confer regularly regarding the process of the study.

  • To learn the basic principles of conditioning. The student will be provided an individualized fitness program designed to improve muscular strength and endurance, cardio-vascular wellness, flexibility, and body composition.

  • This course provides students the opportunity to develop sound concepts in health and health-related areas in order to better understand the environment in which they live. Strong emphasis will be placed on current health issues in the area of human sexuality, mental and emotional health, drug and substance abuse, and the development of sound health practices for the individual in today's society.