TMGT - Tech Management

Alfred State courses are grouped into the following sections:

  • This course helps students transition from college to their professional career. General topics such as managing self (including time and stress), professional communications, effective meeting management, and internship preparation will be presented to aid the students' success in their professional career. Specific discipline-focused sessions will also be included. Students will prepare a professional portfolio throughout the course.

  • A student may contract for one to nine credit hours of independent study through an arrangement with an instructor who agrees to direct such a study. The student will submit a plan acceptable to the instructor and to the department chairperson. The instructor and student will confer regularly regarding the process of the study.

  • This course is an application of theoretical approaches to technology management and innovation. Major concepts, tools, and processes will be explored through lecture, readings, team activities, and case study applications. Major topics include technology innovation, the assessment of technology and the importance of technology forecasts. Students will learn how to manage innovation strategy, technological evolution, and organizational context for technology management.

  • This course deals with understanding management concepts and functions of encouraging employee's enthusiasm and creativity; finding shared vision, norms, and values, sharing information and power; and encouraging teamwork and participation. The concepts of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling are explored to show how these basic principles can be used to create a healthy and thriving environment in today's global environment of business and technology.

  • This internship is designed to assist the student in making the transition from the classroom to industry. This integration of work allows a degree of independence and an element of learning that is not possible in a conventional classroom. The intent of the internship is to provide each student with an experiential learning opportunity in a management situation as a pre-professional supervisor or manager. Students will complete supervised field work in a selected business, industry, government or educational setting.