ELTR 2166 - Residential Wiring Lab II A


ELTR 1156 with D or better and ELTR 1166 with D or better and ELTR 1176 with D or better

Co-requisite(s): ELTR 2156  ELTR 2176


Substantial time is spent with students working the wiring systems on actual residential homes built off campus. In lab students design, layout, and manufacture every type of bend utilized with conduit raceway systems. Conduit fill calculations are applied as well as utilizing correct methods for installing branch circuit conductors. Students are required to apply the National Electrical Code to all work done in labs and on the outside projects. Major emphasis is placed on safety, craftsmanship, circuit analysis, and troubleshooting of circuit faults. Schematic and wiring diagrams are required for each circuit and outside of lab, report and analysis writing is necessary.