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Alfred State's Business department faculty employ their real-world experiences to lead, motivate, and empower students to succeed in all aspects of business and life, and to positively impact their communities as well as their respective disciplines.

The department offers programs for students desiring immediate employment or wishing to pursue a four-year degree.

Classrooms are equipped with up-to-date electronic equipment. Computer technology has been integrated into course content. Computers are networked to classrooms, faculty offices, residence halls, and the Internet.

Courses during the first year in virtually all business programs are almost identical. This “core block” of courses enables students, during freshman year, to easily transfer from one business program to another with no loss of academic credit. Students may enter the programs in either the fall or spring semesters.

All programs in business provide graduates with maximum employment flexibility. Many associate graduates go on to pursue bachelor’s degrees in business or business education while many graduates of the BBA programs go on to pursue master's degrees.

All business programs are computer-based, mixing both theory and practice. Technical accounting knowledge, communication and interpersonal skills, and career-related computer literacy are stressed throughout the programs. Graduates of two-year degree programs have the option of entering the job market or pursuing a four-year or advanced degree.

Students completing virtually any Business department two-year degree may seamlessly transfer directly into one of our own bachelor degree programs.

Students in technology management, financial planning, or sport management (BBA) programs have the advantage of participating in a semester-long, 12-credit internship during their last semester, providing them real-life experience. Many times these lead to full-time employment upon graduation.

Study Abroad

The Business department offers two opportunities for students to study abroad. The first program is a study abroad program in Sorrento, Italy. Alfred State has partnered with Sant'Anna Institute (formerly Sorrento Lingue Institute) in Sorrento, Italy, to offer an optional semester of study abroad to its students. Alfred State and Sant'Anna Institute now offer the American college student an enriching semester of studies in the south of Italy.

In keeping with Alfred State's mission, which is to offer two-year and four-year programs to prepare graduates to live as citizens of a global society, our study abroad program at Sant'Anna Institute (SASL) will establish a foundation for lifelong learning, foster an understanding of global culture, and better equip the participant to 'hit the ground running' after graduation. The beautiful scenery of the Gulf of Naples and the safe and welcoming city of Sorrento provide the setting for an unforgettable educational experience.

For Alfred State junior business administration and technology management students, there is the added opportunity of studying the European Union. Italy, one of the 27 member states, is a symbol of success, thanks to its system of capitalism. Required courses in International Business and Business in the European Union will give our students a global business perspective. Students will use a framework to research select bachelor business administration program outcomes (communication, management, marketing, and economics) from different European Union member state's perspective. Students will have the opportunity to visit Italian businesses and participate in round table discussion with business leaders.

These courses are taught by Alfred State faculty unless otherwise noted. Students will also be able to customize their curriculum of study by taking online courses through Alfred State or any other institution, or even participate in an internship with a business in Sorrento.

The second opportunity is a student exchange program with IAE-Lille, which is located in Lille, France. The Bachelor of Business Administration is a one-year program of courses taught in English, on the main domains of business administration and management. Students who have completed a two-year degree in one of the business curriculums would be eligible to apply for this program.