Culinary Arts Department - Student Requirements


The Culinary Arts Department, in cooperation with our campus bookstore at Alfred State, have made available specially imprinted chef coats for culinary arts and baking students to wear while attending classes and lab. We are requiring students to have 10 long-sleeved chef coats, six (6) pairs of pants, and six (6) chef hats. You will be receiving a letter from the campus bookstore during the summer with details of methods of purchasing these uniforms. When you receive this information, it is important that you order as soon as possible to assure you have the uniforms for the first day of class.

The department has a contracted laundry service and student participation is mandatory. This allows one set of uniforms to be professionally cleaned while the other set is in use by the student. The cost is $78 per student per semester and can be paid for by using the student’s Campus Spending Account (CSA) or at either of the campus bookstores (Alfred or Wellsville) through the use of cash, check or debit/credit cards.

We require plain, white undergarments to be worn under uniforms. Aprons are recommended, but if worn, must be white and clean. Non-porous, black, non-skid work shoes are required - no sneakers. Backless clogs are not acceptable.

Dining Room Service (both baking & culinary arts students)

Dress clothes are required for dining room and special events service for "front of the house" rotations.

  • White, oxford-style long-sleeved dress shirt with button-down collar
  • Black loose-fitting dress slacks
  • Black belt, black bowtie, dark socks, and black dress shoes (flat)

Grooming & Hygiene

  • Hair must be properly restrained and well groomed. Facial hair must be well trimmed or faces must be clean-shaven.
  • Only one pair of studded earrings and a wedding band will be allowed in the labs. (No other hardware or adornments are acceptable.)
  • No eyebrow, nose, tongue or lip jewelry (in the ear lobe only)
  • Students must shower daily.
  • Uniforms must be clean at the beginning of each day.
  • Fingernails should be: clean, trimmed, short, and free from polish.

Instructors for the lab will be the final judge of acceptable standards in uniform, hygiene, and grooming. If a student is not in acceptable compliance with uniform, hygiene, and grooming standards, he/she will be dismissed from the lab until corrected.


All students in the Culinary Arts Department must pay for one meal each day they are in lab; using a meal swipe or paying with cash. If not, they will not be allowed in lab and will receive a zero for that session. It is recommended commuter students purchase a meal plan; however, they may pay in cash for one meal each day, if they prefer.

Classroom/Lab Accessories

  • Textbooks: Ordering & pricing information can be found at the Alfred State bookstore's website. Textbooks may change; please check the Alfred State bookstore's website for the latest information.
  • Calculator
  • Decorating tips (Baking students)
  • Probe thermometer
  • Pen and pencil