Drafting/CAD - Student Equipment List

The following supplies and equipment must be furnished by each incoming freshman prior to the start of classes. We recommend purchasing a laptop through the HP laptop program, but it can be purchased anywhere as long as it meets the minimum requirements. It is highly recommended that the equipment be insured under the parents' or student's homeowners' insurance. Please call the Computerized Design and Manufacturing Department at 607-587-3182, if you have any questions concerning supplies and equipment.

  1. Laptop computer - must have Windows Professional version (no Apple/MAC products) in order to work with our network. Requirements are equal to the baseline level computer offered at the campus bookstore. Laptops may be purchased through the college or supplier of your choice. Please consider a two year warranty if purchasing from outside the college. Windows Professional is available at the campus bookstore for approximately $35.
  2. 1 GB (or more) USB Flashdrive recommended
  3. Note-taking supplies (including 3 ring binder)
  4. Scientific calculator - Casio fx 300w (available at the campus bookstore, CVS, Kmart, etc.)
  5. Compass with center wheel
  6. Scale (inch and metric)
  7. Mouse
  8. Optional- assorted highlighters
  9. Textbooks: Ordering & pricing information can be found at the Alfred State campus bookstore's website. Textbooks may change; please check the Alfred State campus bookstore's website for the latest information.

*The advantage of buying your laptop through the Alfred State/HP partnership

The college takes the guesswork out of buying a laptop by doing the research to find the best value at the lowest price. Through our partnership with HP, you will never have to worry about computer repairs and local on-campus support is provided by Technology Services at Alfred State. Also, you will have peace of mind knowing your laptop will be compatible with the network at Alfred State right out of the box.

This advantage includes:

  • Loaner Laptop - Our Technology Services department will provide a loaner laptop, when available during the semester, while your is being repaired.
  • Accidental Damage Coverage - Available with an additional cost, accidental damage coverage provides you with peace of mind if your laptop gets damaged accidentally through drop, spill, or even run over by a car.
  • Windows 8 -  The HP Series laptop has a feature-rich version of Windows 8 installed.
  • Software Applications - Whether or not you purchase through the HP partnership, all Alfred State students can take advantage of our campus agreement with Microsoft Office, which includes the latest versions of Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Publisher.
  • Three Year Standard Warranty