Computer Engineering Technology (BS)
Electrical Engineering Technology (BS)
Mechanical Engineering Technology (BS)
CAD/CAM Technology (AAS)
Computer Engineering Technology (AAS)
Electrical Engineering Technology (AAS)
Engineering Science (AS)
Mechanical Engineering Technology (AAS)

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The Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Technology department has several programs that prepare graduates to join the workforce as successful technical and management professionals in a variety of industries. The department offers a broad range of degrees in electrical engineering technology, mechanical engineering technology, engineering science, CAD/CAM, mechanical design engineering technology, computer engineering technology, and electromechanical engineering technology. The programs are supported by a unique combination of mechanical and electromechanical facilities, equipment, and faculty resources. This enables the department to respond directly to new technologies as they evolve in areas such as controls, robotics, automation, microelectronics, process control, computer analysis, and sustainable/renewable energy.

Each degree provides useful career-building skills for students who seek employment immediately upon graduation or continue their education toward advanced degrees. The programs are well rounded and provide graduates with the appropriate technical and nontechnical knowledge, experience, and skills that will enable them to be successful and continually adapt to change in these dynamic career fields.

Since the programs are related to nearly every company, product, or process, graduate placement is excellent. The Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Technology department maintains active contact with related industries and professional societies and works closely with them to assist graduates in exploring their profession and creating contacts for employment. Educational opportunities also occur through internships, projects, competitions, and field trips in addition to memberships in several active professional society student chapters. The Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Technology department has several programs that provide a foundation in many areas, including computer-aided engineering and graphics, energy systems, manufacturing and materials, automation, and product and machine design. Graduates find employment in these and many related areas.

Department Mission

To prepare graduates for immediate employment and continued educational opportunities through a quality technical and experience-based education.

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