Nursing - Facilities

360 Virtual TourThe Nursing Department is located in the Physical and Health Sciences Building, a beautiful new “showcase” facility which opened in 2012 following an $18.5M renovation project.

The nursing skills lab utilizes state of the art equipment including VitalSim™, SimMan 3G®, Simnewbaby™, and a PROMPT Birthing Simulator to complement and reinforce the learning that takes place in clinical experiences at area hospitals.

There are two high fidelity simulation labs, 225 A & 225 C that each house a SimMan 3G® manikin. The simulation observation room, 225 B, is equipped with computers and monitors to record simulation activities. Simulation debriefing is conducted in Room 201.

The Large Skills Lab, 223, simulates a hospital floor setting with six stations. Each station is fully equipped to learn and practice clinical skills. There are six VitalSim™ manikins in the large skills lab.

The Practice Lab, 223 A, has two stations that simulate a hospital floor setting and four examination stations. There are two VitalSim™ manikins in the practice lab.

In addition to the above skills labs, there is a community apartment consisting of a living/dining room, bedroom, and bathroom for practice in a community health environment.

Room 202 is a computer lab which is available for student use.