Heavy Equipment: Truck and Diesel Technician (AOS)

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Degree Received: 
Associate in Occupational Studies (AOS)
Academic Department Info: 

360 Virtual TourThis specialization includes 1,800 hours of practical experience and classroom training. Students receive their basics in the first year on all types of vehicles. The senior year concentrates on trucks, bulldozers, earthmovers, farm tractors and other diesel-powered equipment. Our heavy equipment: truck & diesel technician program is the only program in New York and New England that is approved by the Association of Diesel Specialists (ADS). The heavy equipment: truck & diesel technician program is one of only nine national ADS TechSmart training programs.

Student Learning Outcomes: 
  • Demonstrate a focused, coherent, organized written report.
  • Perform mathematic calculations required for entry-level automotive.
  • Demonstrate an ability to apply written instructions and specifications relevant to their work environment.
  • Demonstrate the ability to diagnose and repair heavy equipment/truck drive trains.
  • Demonstrate the ability to diagnose and repair heavy equipment/truck electrical and electronic systems.
  • Demonstrate the ability to diagnose and repair heavy equipment/truck gas engines.
  • Demonstrate the ability to diagnose and repair heavy equipment/truck brakes, steering, and suspension systems.
Entrance Requirements & Recommendations: 

Recommended: Algebra

Technical Standards: 

Applicants for all programs in the Automotive Trades Department must meet the following physical requirements:

  • Must be able to perform safely in the shop.
  • Must be able to lift 50 pounds to eye level.
  • Must be able to communicate orally with a person six-10 feet away.
  • Must be able to visually decipher an oscilloscope monitor and digital/analog meter, and scan tool displays.
  • Must have a valid motor vehicle license and be able to drive a standard transmission vehicle.
  • Must be able to diagnose mechanical failures that are distinguished audibly.
  • Must be able to understand information found in service repair manuals and use diagnostic flow charts.
  • Must meet qualifications for a NYS driver’s license.

Students may take Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification exams in eight areas and the ADS TechCert test. Students are eligible for New York State inspection certification upon successful completion of their freshman year. In their senior year, students may take the test for certification in Basic Engine Theory through the Association of Diesel Specialists.

Features & Facilities: 
  • Offers instruction in maintenance, inspection, and repair of heavy equipment, trucks, and related vehicles
  • Live work in a well-equipped shop, allowing hands-on repair and maintenance of late model units
  • ADS (Association of Diesel Specialists) TechSmart Training Center; only school in the Northeast that is a TechSmart school
  • One of only a few schools that teach
    injection pumps
Articulation Agreements: 

Two-year BOCES graduates who have an 80 percent class average, have a letter of recommendation from their vocational instructor, and who present a portfolio may be allowed to advance beyond minimum requirements and improve the grade for the college courses, pursue individual interests within a course, or sample course work in a separate automotive program to broaden their experience.

Graduation Requirements: 

A student must successfully complete all courses in the prescribed four-semester program and earn a minimum cumulative index of 2.0, which is equivalent to a "C" average.

Career Opportunities: 
  • Agricultural Equipment Mechanic
  • Service Manager
  • Diesel Engine Specialist
  • Diesel Fuel System Specialist
  • Shop Foreman
  • Heavy Equipment Mechanic
  • Truck Fleet Mechanic
  • Industrial Equipment Mechanic
  • Marine Engine Service Technician
Direct Entry Into Baccalaureate Degree Program: 

Alfred State heavy equipment: truck and diesel technician graduates may enter directly into the technology management BBA degree program.

Typical Semester Layout: 

The students receive 1,800 hours of practical experience and classroom training of which 1,400 hours are lab work. There are one-and-one-half hours of lecture with four-and-one-half hours of lab work each day, for five days, 15 weeks a semester. The approximate class size is 20 freshmen and 20 seniors.

First Semestercredits
AUTO1245Basic Truck Electronics & Component Overhaul5
AUTO1219Truck Brakes, Steering & Suspension Systems9
Second Semestercredits
AUTO1239Inspection, Maintenance, Air Conditioning, Cooling & Heating9
AUTO2169Truck Gasoline Engine Tune-Up, Electrical Engine Controls & Electrical Diagnosis9
Third Semestercredits
AUTO3609Heavy Duty Drive Train9
AUTO3649Diesel Engine Service9
Fourth Semestercredits
AUTO3623Air Brake Service3
AUTO4363Heavy Duty Electrical/Hydraulic Specialties3
AUTO4669Diesel Fuel System Service9
AUTO2503Preventive Maintenance for Heavy Truck & Diesel3

Continuing Students: Students successfully completing the heavy equipment: truck & diesel technician program receive first priority for space if they wish a third year (senior year) in automotive service technician. They may be admitted to autobody repair with the department chair’s approval.

Employment and Transfer Rate: 
Employment and Transfer Survey Details: 
Survey Details201120122013
Receiving Degrees423941
Responding to Survey27 (64%)34 (87%)40 (98%)
Employed20 (74%)33 (97%)38 (95%)
Employed in Field18 (90%)33 (100%)37 (97%)
Transferred6 (22%)--2 (5%)
Unemployed & Seeking Employment1 (4%)1 (3%)--
Unemployed & Not Seeking Employment------
Employment and Transfer Salary Information: 

$20,000 - $29,999 (4)
$30,000 - $39,999 (8)
$40,000 - $49,999 (2)
$50,000 - $59,999 (1)
$60,000 - $69,999 (1)
Prefer not to disclose (22)