Human Services Management (BS)

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Bachelor of Science (BS)
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Michael Cobb
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The baccalaureate degree (BS) program in human services management prepares workers who, as generalists, can work with clients in a wide range of human services agencies and also can employ sound management practices. This interdisciplinary program not only prepares students to offer direct service to clients but also prepares them in the basics of program management and supervision. The program requires students to take lower- and upper-level courses in the human services, and additional courses in management, accounting, and leadership. An upper-level internship of 400 or more hours in a public or private human services agency is required.

Internship Opportunities

In Field Practicum (HUSR 5314) students complete 400 hours of a management-focused internship. Internship opportunities exist with a number of local and regional human services agencies including, but not limited to, ACCORD Corp., Adelphoi Behavioral Sciences, Alfred Montessori School, Allegany County ARC, Allegany County Department of Health, Allegany Department of Social Services, Allegany County Office for the Aging, Allegany Rehabilitation Associates, Inc., Catholic Charities, Hillside Children's Services, Hornell Area Concern for Youth, St. James Mercy Healthcare, Trapping Brook House, and the YMCA of Hornell.

Student Learning Outcomes: 
  • Apply critical thinking skills in the context of professional practices.
  • Perform the basic operations of personal computer use, as well as employ basic research techniques to locate, evaluate and synthesize information from a variety of sources.
  • Communicate effectively and appropriately in oral and written forms.
  • Apply a core set of management skills in human resources, finance, operations, and leadership.
  • Apply a core set of generalist practice skills in planning, implementing, and evaluating client interventions, which include case management, information and referral, community organization and outreach.
  • Adhere to professional ethical standards and value diversity in all areas of practice including the supervised field practicum, academic experiences, and community involvement.
  • Analyze and design intervention strategies to improve social policies impacting client systems at individual, organizational, and societal levels.
  • Enter into professional Human Services employment at the bachelor's level, or graduate level education in the helping professions.
  • Synethize and apply a solid liberal arts and social sciences foundation in critical thinking, oral and written communication, and selfdirected learning.
Entrance Requirements & Recommendations: 

Required: Algebra, SAT and/or ACT scores with a recommended combined SAT score of 1,000 (critical reading and math) or a composite ACT score of 21

  • Applicants are informed that many human services agencies require that field practicum students pass background checks before being allowed to begin their field placements.
  • While the program allows students to pursue their degrees on a part-time basis, applicants should be aware that they must enroll as full-time student in the semester in which they take their senior fieldwork (HUSR 5314).
Features & Facilities: 

Students take a minimum of 42 hours of human services professional courses; 13 at the lower level and 29 at the upper level. The lower-level professional courses are introduction to human services; issues in human services; basic helping skills; and the second year practicum.  The upper-level human services courses are community organization; counseling theory; social policy and human services; grants, contracts, and organizational advancement in human services; case management systems; and the field practicum and seminar.  In addition, students take 18 hours of management courses; three at the lower level and 15 at the upper level.  The lower-level course is fundamentals of management.  The upper-level courses are accounting perspectives; human resource management; principles of leadership; management communication; and ethics and leadership in management.  The capstone of the program is the field internship (HUSR 5314) which typically is taken in the eighth semester.  In this semester-long experience, students spend a minimum of 400 hours working as interns in a human services agency in a management capacity.  This provides students with the opportunity to pull together all that they have learned and to apply it in the real world.         

Graduation Requirements: 
  • Good Academic Standing (cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher)
  • Successful completion of all courses in the prescribed eight-semester plan.
  • Grade of "C" (2.0) or higher in BUAD 3153
  • Grade of "B" (3.0) or higher in HUSR 5314
  • Completion of HUSR 5003. HUSR 5103, HUSR 5203, and HUSR 5213 with a "C+" (2.5) or higher grade in each
  • Submission of the college's degree application form.
Career Opportunities: 
  • Case, Program, or Residential Manager
  • Human Services Supervisor
  • Aftercare Coordinator
  • Quality Assurance Specialist
  • Outreach Coordinator
  • Grants Management and Organizational Development Specialist
  • Program Planner
Transfer Opportunities: 

Graduate level programs in areas including human services, human services administration, social work, social work administration, business administration, business administration - non-profit and government, and public administration.

Typical Semester Layout: 

A full-time student typically takes five courses (15-16 credit hours) each semester.  Most classes meet three times a week for 50 minutes or twice a week for 1 hour and 15 minutes. Students should plan to study about three hours for each one hour spent in class.  Human services professional class sizes are about 30 for lower-level courses and 20 or less for upper-level courses.  Subject to the approval of their faculty adviser, students are responsible for setting their own class schedules and for ensuring that they have met all course and graduation requirements. 

First Semestercredits
COMP1503Freshman Comp3
PSYC1013General Psychology3
SOCI 1163General Sociology3
HUSR2083Intro to Human Services3
FNAT xxx3Fine Arts Elective3
HPEDxxx1Physical Education Elective1
Second Semestercredits
PSYC1023Human Development3
PSYC1063Basic Helping Skills3
HUSR4033Issues in Human Services3
MATHxxx3Statistical Concepts or Statistics I3
LITRxxx3Literature Elective3
Third Semestercredits
SOCI1223Minority Cultures3
 xxx3Other World Civilization Elective3
 xxxxNatural Science Elective3-4
 xxx3Departmental Elective3
SPCH1083Effective Speaking3
Fourth Semestercredits
SOCI1183Contemporary Social Problems3
 xxx3American History Elective3
 xxx3Liberal Arts Elective3
 xxx3Open Elective3
Fifth Semestercredits
ACCT5043Accounting Perspectives3
BUAD3153Fundamentalsl of Management3
SOCI5023Research Methods3
PSYC5013 Counseling Theory3
HUSR5003 Community Organization3
Sixth Semestercredits
BUAD5023Human Resource Management3
BUAD5013Principles of Leadership3
BUAD5003 Management Communications3
 xxx3Liberal Arts Elective3
HUSR5103Social Policy & Human Services3
Seventh Semestercredits
 xxx3Liberal Arts Elective3
BUAD5043Business Ethics3
HUSR5203Grants, Contracts, Org. Adv. HS3
HUSR5213Case Management Systems3
PSYC5103Industrial Psychology3
Eighth Semestercredits
HUSR5314Field Practicum & Seminar****14


** 104 hours of field work and two-hour seminar;

**** Minimum 400 hours field work, three-hour weekly seminar.

Practicum (HUSR 5314) Pre-requisites

  • Good Academic Standing (cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher)
  • Completion of at least 3 of the following 4 courses - HUSR 5003, HUSR 5103, HUSR 5203, HUSR 5213 - with a "C+" (2.5) or higher grade in each of the three
  • Submission of HUSR 5314 Practicum
  • Application form to the departmental practicum coordinator
  • Approval of the department faculty
  • Ability to pass any required background check
Employment and Transfer Rate: 
Employment and Transfer Survey Details: 
Survey Details201020112012
Receiving Degrees--810
Responding to Survey--7 (88%)5 (50%)
Employed--6 (86%)4 (80%) 
Employed in Field--5 (83%)4 (100%)
Transferred--1 (14%)1 (20%) 
Unemployed & Seeking Employment------
Unemployed & Not Seeking Employment------
Employment and Transfer Salary Information: 

Less than $20,000 (1)
$20,000 - $29,999 (2)
Prefer not to disclose (1)

Employment Statistics

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects demand for bachelor-prepared human services professionals to grow faster than average through the next decade, especially in rural areas which already face a significant shortage of human services professionals. Depending on location, starting salary will typically range from $35,000 to $45,000.