Sport Management (BBA)

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Degree Received: 
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
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Dr. Cliff McPeak
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The sports industry requires a great variety of people with expertise in business. To meet this growing need, the Business Department at Alfred State is offering a sport management program resulting in a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree. A student will enter as a freshman and graduate in four years with a BBA degree, focusing on sport management. This course of study is designed to produce graduates ready to contribute in the areas of administration, marketing, sales, fund development, finance, event promotion and management, communication, and facility management, innovation and development.

The sport management course of study is designed to produce graduates ready to contribute in the areas of administration, marketing, sales, fund development, finance, event management and promotion, communication, and facility management, innovation, and development. Additionally, the sport management graduate will complete a specialization in marketing and event promotion. Each student will participate in field experiences during the second year and a full-semester internship in the senior year. An emphasis is placed on writing and speaking proficiently. The graduate will study the core body of knowledge in sport management, a sport management specialization, and the general education program designed by SUNY. Each class will include a review of contemporary technology available to the professional in sport management.

A laptop computer is required for students entering this program.

Student Learning Outcomes: 
  • Demonstrate technical competence in domestic and global sport businesses through the study of major disciplines within the field of sport management and business.
  • Define, research, analyze, and create solutions for sport management and business problems and issues by using critical thinking and decision making skills for evaluating data, information and materials.
  • Apply software, technology, and information systems in contemporary sport management operations and business.
  • Develop the critical thinking skills of creating and managing innovation and new development in sport management and business by working effectively in teams.
  • Analyze complex sport management and business issues and communicate findings through a coherent written and oral presentation.
  • Analyze the strategic management process in relation to the current environment in sport management and business, and identify specific trends and strategies.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of ethics, government regulations, and the legal system and how each applies to sport management and business.
  • Apply mathematical reasoning to obtain accurate results in solving problems.
Entrance Requirements & Recommendations: 

Required: Algebra, Geometry, SAT and/or ACT scores with a recommended combined SAT score of 1,000 (critical reading and math) or a composite ACT score of 21
Recommended: Algebra 2/Trigonometry

Features & Facilities: 
  • Specialization in marketing and event promotion
  • Field experiences
  • Internship
  • Sport club activities
Graduation Requirements: 
  • 121 credit hours, including one credit hour of physical education
  • 30 credit hours of the 45 upper-level credit hours for this degree must be taken at Alfred State
  • Cumulative overall index of at least 2.0
Career Opportunities: 
  • Account Sales
  • Recreation Service Industry
  • College Athletic Departments
  • Sport Marketing Firms
  • Sport Event Promotion Firms
  • Professional Sport Organizations
  • Ticket Sales
  • Olympic Organizations
  • City Sport Corporations
Transfer Opportunities: 

Graduates of this program would be eligible to apply to any school of higher education offering a master’s degree in sport management.

Typical Semester Layout: 

Most students are in a classroom setting 15-17 hours per week for formal instruction. Most courses required of sports management majors are three credit hours, which equates to three-four hours per week in a classroom/lab and six-eight hours per week of outside reading and project assignments per course. Students are assigned a faculty adviser specific to their program, who works individually with him/her to set up schedules, choose appropriate electives, discuss internship possibilities, and design career pursuit strategies.

First Semestercredits
ACCT1124Financial Accounting4
CISYxxx3Intro to Computers/Info Mgmt.3
SPMG1123Intro to Sport Management *3
MATHxxx3Math Elective3
COMP1503Freshman Composition3
Second Semestercredits
ACCT2224Managerial Accounting4
BUAD2033Business Communications3
SPMG2003Sport in Society **3
MKTG2073Principles of Marketing3
 xxx3Literature Elective3
HPED xxx1Physical Education Elective1
Third Semestercredits
BUAD3153Fundamentals of Management3
BUAD3043Business Law I3
SPCH1083Effective Speaking3
SPMG3013Sport Communication *3
SPMG3001Field Experience I1
 xxx3General Education Elective3
Fourth Semestercredits
ECONxxx3Macro or Microeconomics3
SPMG4003Sport Law **3
SPMG4123Sport Faci Mgmt. Plan & Features**3
SPMG4001Field Experience II1
 xxx3General Education Elective3
Fifth Semestercredits
SPMG6003Sport Marketing *3
SPMG5003Sport Business and Finance *3
 xxx3Upper-level Business Elective3
 xxx3General Education Elective3
COMP5703Technical Writing II3
TMGT5001Professional Business Seminar *1
Sixth Semestercredits
SPMG6033Sponsorship **3
SPMG6013Licensing and Endorsements **3
SPMG6023Event Promotion and Sales **3
 xxx3General Education Elective3
 xxx3Upper-level Business Elective3
Seventh Semestercredits
SPMG7001Pre-internship Seminar *1
SPMG7023Strategi Mgmt. in Sport Organizations *3
 xxx3General Education Elective3
 xxx3Upper-level Business Elective3
 xxx3Upper-level Business Elective3
Eighth Semestercredits

* Offered only in fall semester
** Offered only in spring semester

Employment and Transfer Rate: 
Employment and Transfer Survey Details: 
Survey Details201020112012
Receiving Degrees----2
Responding to Survey----2 (100%)
Employed----2 (100%)
Employed in Field----1 (50%)
Unemployed & Seeking Employment------
Unemployed & Not Seeking Employment------
Employment and Transfer Salary Information: 

$30,000 - $39,999 (1)
Prefer not to disclose (1)