Undeclared Major

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Dr. Kathleen Ebert
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The undeclared major serves students who are undecided about their choice of study or career goals. The student has an opportunity to select a course of study the first two semesters that fits his/her interests and background.

A student enrolled in the undeclared major program must transfer to a degree-granting program within two semesters of admission.  Depending on the choice of a major, a student may enter the workfoce upon graduation, or opt to continue his/her education at a four-year institution.

Since the primary goal of the program is to explore various academic areas of interest, individual course schedules will vary. The suggested program below includes both a component of core courses (English, math, social science) and a component of electives in support of the student’s interests.

Entrance Requirements & Recommendations: 

Required: Algebra
Recommended: Biology

Features & Facilities: 
  • Enables students to explore one or more academic areas
  • Quality advisement
  • Career exploration
  • Career counseling and planning through Hunter Student Development Center
Typical Semester Layout: 

A full-time undeclared major student typically enrolls in five courses each semester, which is equivalent to 15 credit hours. Three-credit-hour classes usually meet three days a week for 50-minute class periods or two days a week for one-hour-and-15-minute periods. Credit hours will increase with four-credit-hour courses or laboratory sciences. Students who transfer into some technical curriculums may take more than 18 credit hours some semesters.

First Semester credits
Career Exploration and Planning 1-2
English Fundamentals OR  
Freshman Composition 3
Math 3
Social Science Elective 3
Exploratory Elective 3-4
Exploratory Elective 3-4
Second Semester credits
Freshman Composition OR  
Introduction to Literature 3
Math or Science 3-4
Exploratory Elective 3-4
Exploratory Elective 3-4
Exploratory Elective 3-4