Deb Goodrich - Associate VP for Enrollment Management

Deb Goodrich

Deb Goodrich

Hometown: Orchard Park, NY

Associate Degree
Erie Community College
Bachelor Degree
University of Buffalo
Master's Degree
Buffalo State
Alfred Favorites
Favorite Restaurant - The Collegiate
Favorite Sport - Swimming

Deb's Tip:

Look for three things in your college search: 1. A major/program that encompasses something you love to do; you’ll look forward to work every day and get paid for what you enjoy. 2. Try not to graduate with a mountain of debt and make sure job openings in your field are available; this will allow you to begin your independent life in an apartment, with a car, enjoying a vacation, etc. 3. Find a campus where you feel comfortable; when you visit a college, you’ll get a sense of fitting in.