Athletic Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Class 2012The Alfred State Athletic Hall of Fame was established in 1992. Each year a committee made of all the Hall of Fame members; three past or present Alfred State faculty or staff; two alumni athletes (one male & one female); and past and present Athletic directors vote from the list of nominees.

Coaches, alumni, and former athletes may make nominations for the Athletic Hall of Fame. To be eligible for nomination, Alfred State athletes must have graduated, or transferred, at least five years ago and must have had a minimum GPA of 2.00. Non-athlete candidates are required to be affiliated with the Athletic Department for at least five years to be eligible. To be selected, a nominee must receive 2/3 of the votes.

If you would like to nominate someone for the Athletic Hall of Fame, fill out the nomination form or contact Gary Moore (607) 587-4358.

Hall of Fame Photo Galleries

Alfred State College Pioneers Hall of Fame Inductees

Class Year Inductee Name Sport(s) or Affiliation
2012 Kahy Feldman  Coach/Athletic Director
2012 Larry Mulcahy Basketball
2012 Jodie Corsi Softball
2012 David Dominguez  Track & Field/Cross Country
2012 Kurt Dunn  Track & Field
2011 Ashley Vogl Swimming
2011 Joe Greany Baseball
2011 Matt Covert Lacrosse
2011 Damian Rodriguez Track  & Field
2011 John Meade Swimming
2010 Jody Alvarez Abrams  Soccer
2010 Alison Brotherton Boland  Softbal
2010 Gaffel Hippolyte  Track & Field
2010 Kirt Zimniewicz  Baseball
2009 Eric Baker Baseball
2009 Chris Gray Football
2009 Tom Hirsch Basketball
2009 Gary Redding Cross Country/Track & Field
2009 Andy Coots Cross Country/Track & Field
2008 Gerry Cox Bowling  
2008 Toni Darling Johnston Softball/Basketball  
2008 Joe Van Gorder Baseball 
2007 Michael Brown  Baseball 
2007 Joseba Sarriegui  Cross Country/Track & Field 
2007 Kathryn Stedman  Volleyball/Softball 
2006 Dawn Reinhart Gardon  Soccer/Basketball/Softball
2006 LeRoy Collins  Football 
2006 Eric Huber  Baseball 
2005 Eric Hanson  Baseball 
2005 Gordon Robeson  Basketball 
2005 James Swartz  Swimming 
2003 Tammy Dunlap  Track & Field 
2003 Daniel J. Neverett  Vice President Student Affairs 
2002 Robert Grogan  Director of Public Relations 
2002 Colleen McAvan (Klei)  Basketball/Track 
2002 Durry Palmatier (Lincalis)  Volleyball/Softball 
2001 Michele L. Brown  Softball/Volleyball/Basketball 
2001 Thomas O. Curle  Basketball Coach 
2001 Charles V. Neal  Bowling/Golf/Wrestling
2001 David G. Redding  Cross Country/Track 
2000 Michael G. Andrikut  Wrestling 
2000 Timothy Burkhart  Basketball 
2000 Kathy Jo Counts  Basketball/Track 
2000 Edmond L. Harris  Basketball 
1999 Barb Nelson Lorow  Basketball/Track 
1999 Sheila McCann  Track & Field 
1999 Dawn Eid Renfrew  Cross Country/Track 
1999 Joseph K. Yaris  Basketball 
1998 John Gorton Jr.  Bowling Founder 
1998 Julie E. Ogden  Track & Field 
1998 Bradley P. Rendell  Track/Cross Country 
1998 Neil Suero  Soccer 
1997 Stephen L. Babcock  Wrestling Coach 
1997 Quentin T. Howe  Track & Field 
1997 Janet R. Kisner  Basketball/Softball/Volleyball/Track 
1997 Raymond Wilcox Jr.  Basketball 
1994 George H. Granger  Riffle Coach 
1994 James T. Hartley  Football/Baseball/Basketball 
1994 Beth Saxton  Cross Country/Track & Field 
1994 Faith K. Trotta  Softball Coach 
1993 Kristine Castiglione  Track & Field 
1993 Michael Fuller  Wrestling 
1993 Arnie Westervelt  Basketball 
1992 Richard J. Giedlin  Basketball Coach 
1992 William S. Havens  Director of Athletics 
1992 David H. Huntington  President 

Alfred State College Hall of Fame Honored Teams

1994 Softball Team

2012 1994 Softball Team
2011 1971-74 Swimming & Diving Teams
2010 1959 Men's Basketball Team
2009 1984 Men's Cross Country Tream