Housing Details

Alfred State College provides thirteen residence halls, located in three geographic areas of the campus. You can choose between suite and corridor style housing. All rooms are equipped with cable TV outlets and Internet access. The upper area includes the four wings of the MacKenzie Complex; the middle area includes Peet, Braddon, Burdick and Shults Halls; and the lower area includes Main Gate A, Main Gate B, Townhouses, Getman and Robinson/Champlin Halls. Residents are invited to personalize their rooms with posters and curtains in a manner consistent with NYS Fire Code Regulations. Curtains must have a manufacturer tag that states the curtain is fire resistant sewn on or attached to the product.

Upper Area - MacKenzie Complex

  • MacKenzie East
  • MacKenzie North
  • MacKenzie South
  • MacKenzie West

The MacKenzie Complex is composed of suites in "rowhouses" and "blockhouses". The Complex is located across the street from the Orvis Activities Center, which houses the athletic areas and Student Activities functions. MacKenzie North is unique in being the largest residence hall on campus. MacKenzie East offers a wonderful mix of residents including foreign and domestic students. MacKenzie South and MacKenzie West, offer 21-and-over lifestyles. Designated single rooms are available in the MacKenzie Complex at an additional cost. Room and window dimensions are:

Rooms Windows
11'x 9'3" small single 3'3"W x 4'10"H
13'8" x 11' large single 3'3"W x 4'10"H
15'x 9' Blockhouse 8'9" x 4'10"H
13'3" x 11' Rowhouse 8'9" x 4'10"H

Notes: Blockhouses are identified by letter (A,B,C, etc.) and Rowhouses are identified by numbers (1,2,3, etc.)

Middle Area

Middle area residence halls have corridor style housing. All rooms open onto a hallway, and each floor is divided into wings with lounges. Middle area residence halls are closest to Central Dining Hall and the academic buildings.

  • Peet Hall
  • Braddon Hall

Peet Hall is located high on the campus hill, with a scenic view of the Alfred Valley. Peet Hall is a baccalaureate residence hall. All residents must be enrolled in baccalaureate programs to reside in Peet Hall. Both Peet and Braddon Hall have large recreation lounges, study rooms, and quiet study lifestyles for men and women. Peet and Braddon are identical in physical layout. All rooms in Peet and Braddon Hall are double accommodations. See semester rates for standard double costs. Room and window dimensions are:

Rooms Windows
14'9"x 13' 6'7"W x 4'H
  • Shults Hall
  • Burdick Hall

Burdick Hall is located across the street from Braddon Hall. It is unique in offering coed living in each wing. Both Burdick and Shults Hall have large study and recreation lounges. All accommodations in Shults and Burdick Hall are double accommodations. See semester rates for standard double costs. Room and window dimensions are:

Rooms Windows
12'10" x 12'10" 2'5"W x 5'10"H

Lower Area

  • Main Gate A
  • Main Gate B

The Main Gate A and B offer suite-style housing. These two lower area buildings are located in close proximity to Main Street and the Pioneer Center/Campus Store. The main lounge of Main Gate A is often used for entertainment, lectures, discussions, and studying. It also offers a Wellness Lifestyle housing. Main Gate B offers 24-and-over housing with special incentives for adult students. Both halls have large recreation rooms and study lounges. Accommodations in Main Gate A & B are all double rooms. See semester rates for standard double costs. Room and window dimensions are:

Rooms Windows
14' x 10'6" 4'6"W x 5'H
  • Getman Hall
  • Robinson/Champlin Hall

Getman and Robinson/Champlin offer corridor-style housing and are located in proximity to Main Street, CDH, and the Pioneer Center. These two facilities are the oldest residence halls on campus. Each was recently renovated to provide single accommodations for experienced students. There is an additional cost for a single room. Room and window dimensions are:

Rooms Windows
11' x 13' 5'5"W x 4'5"H
  • Townhouses

The townhouse complex opened in August 2007 with 150 students residing in apartment-style residence. A total of 25 apartments, each offering accommodations to six residents in facilities featuring private bedrooms, a full kitchen, living room, and two plus bathrooms. See semester rates for townhouse living. Room and window dimensions are:

Rooms Windows
9'7" x 8'9" 4'8.5"W x 3'10"H