Leadership Through Civic Engagement Award

The Leadership through Civic Engagement Award acknowledges students, faculty, staff and alumni who have (co)led exemplary academic and/or co-curricular initiatives that demonstrate a commitment to engaging in the community – locally, nationally, or globally – through service, volunteerism, activism, politics, and much more. This recognition is awarded periodically throughout the year by the College Council.

The Award is intended to showcase faculty, staff, alumni and students who have led organizations, programs, and projects that demonstrate significant depth of civic engagement. Nominations might include one-time or ongoing events or programs, academic projects or classes with a demonstrable civic engagement focus, curricular and co-curricular departmental initiatives, etc.

Nominations will be assessed based on the following criteria:

  • Leadership: The nominee’s involvement stood out from the rest in the project, initiative or program in that they demonstrated leadership and/or effectively marketed/promoted the project to other members of the campus community – 2 points
  • Teamwork: The nominee’s involvement promoted teamwork and/or exemplified a strong sense of team through their involvement – 2 points
  • Partnership: The nominee (co)led initiative is collaborative, and demonstrated any combination of student, faculty, staff, alumni and/or community involvement – 2 points
  • Impact: The initiative has demonstrated an impact at the local, regional, national or international level on improving the lives of others – 2 points
  • Innovation: The initiative demonstrated an innovative approach to engaging others or with the type of project completed – 2 points

Final nominees must have achieved a score of 8 points out of 10 points in order to be considered a finalist for College Council review. The Student Life Committee of the College Council will review a list of finalists periodically throughout the year and will make recommendations to the College Council thereafter.

Submit nominations online.