Blue to Gold Program®

Business Professionals of America (BPA)


The Blue to Gold Program® has the mission of enhancing the financial literacy of all Alfred State students, to reduce the stress in their lives, and to enable them to better succeed through higher graduation rates and by making sound financial decisions throughout their lives, by providing proactive educational sessions and peer-to-peer counseling.


Our vision is to enable all students to become better equipped financially in order to complete their education at Alfred State, and for our soon-to-be graduates to enter the workplace equipped with the essential financial skills necessary to undertake better financial decisions throughout their lives.

The Blue to Gold Program® will provide financial counseling services which will help students tackle their debt before it can take root. Participants will learn the value of smart practices like socking money away in savings, picking proper employee benefits, and making smart car or house buys. Free peer-to-peer counseling on credit card/debt issues will be available. Seminars will offer sage tips for not only establishing credit but using it wisely, as well as other topics. Volunteers from the students enrolled in the financial planning curriculum, after trained by professors, will provide counseling and present the seminars.

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