Cultural Exploration

International Club and Japanese Dance Club


The mission of the International Club and Japanese Dance Club is to bring people from different cultures together for an adventure in understanding each other through social and educational programming. The organization promotes the concept of diversity and implements any activities, events, or meetings as necessary to support the development of understanding of diversity in a more diverse interaction among people.


When students have an education experience of another culture, they find commonality and acceptance from people who are different from themselves. Our vision would be to expand the program from the preschool to other public schools in the county.

Since 2011 the International Club has worked with the Alfred Montessori Preschool. During each event, the International Club members from China, Japan, Haiti, Romania, France, and Italy have shared language, culture, games, crafts, snacks, music, and dance with the three-, four,- and five-year old classes. This experience has allowed the international students to practice their English and have a captive audience ask them about life in their country. The children have asked many questions and have given positive feedback.

International Club

A multicultural performance is held for the community as a fundraiser event for the preschool.

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