Keeping Lumberjacking Alive

Pioneer Woodsmen’s Club


The purpose of the Pioneer Woodsmen’s Club is to educate the college community and the general public about the old forestry techniques, while maintaining a strong understanding of the history of the lumberjack community.


A lumberjack must be disciplined in both the mind and body. We strive to teach our members and the local communities how to be respectful of the environment and each other. While mentoring club members and community members about safety and proper techniques for timber sport competitions, we strive to develop participating community members not only in the timber sports community on the collegiate level but in the classroom as well. The core values that the Pioneer Woodsmen’s Club strives to instill on each member are values that will help prepare the members for life after college.

Woodsmen’s ClubThe club provides a niche for the outdoors oriented person who may not be involved with campus community otherwise. Throughout the year, the club participates in competitions, demonstrations, and community service. These various activities attract club members with different backgrounds and experiences. With the members’ different backgrounds and level of expertise, they are able to collaborate and work as a team on challenges that arise within the club; planning the Annual Pioneer Woodsman Games and engaging in community service projects.

Some of the projects planned include teaching proper safety techniques to local Girl and Boy Scouts, educating the community on the stewardship of natural resources, and educating about lumberjack techniques and competitions.

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