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Meet the Orientation Leaders

Our orientation leaders are experienced students at Alfred State. They are a typical representation of who we are. These students are athletes, Greeks, club members, and student government representatives. Orientation leaders have been selected to assist you in your transition to Alfred State. Please feel free to ask them anything.

 Don Schrader Don Schrader, ’18, Orientation Coordinator
Hometown: Hamburg, NY
Major: Human services management
One word: Futuristic
Fast Fact: “I have been to Germany for two weeks.”
Kaieel Ward Kaieel Ward, ’19, Orientation Coordinator
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Major: Veterinary technology
One word: Knowledgeable
Fast Fact: “I'm from Trinidad.”
Darrell Bell Darrell Bell, ’17, Orientation Leader
Hometown: Harlem, NY
Major: Interdisciplinary studies
One word: Nonchalant
Fast Fact: “I love playing basketball.”
Christopher Frias Christopher Frias, ’17, Orientation Leader
Hometown: Bronx, NY
Major: Business administration
One word: Respect
Fast Fact: “I love to eat sandwiches, burgers, anything with bread.”
Quinn George Quinn George, ’19, Orientation Leader
Hometown: Corning, NY
Major: Mechanical engineering technology
One word: Connections
Fast Fact: “I'm the President of Cirklarna, Alfred State’s Flow Arts Club.”
Emily Lestrange Emily Lestrange, ’18, Orientation Leader
Hometown: Saratoga Springs, NY
Major: Interdisciplinary studies
One word: Empathy
Fast Fact: “My favorite animals are chickens.”
Reshard Love Reshard Love, ’19, Orientation Leader
Hometown: Rochester, NY
Major: Interdisciplinary Studies
One word: Hope
Fast Fact: “I'm a member of the football team.”
 Rochelle Mills Rochelle Mills, ’18, Orientation Leader
Hometown: Senoia, GA
Major: Liberal arts & sciences: math & science
One word: Self-love
Fast Fact: “I love fashion!”
Spencer Mosier Spencer Mosier, ’18, Orientation Leader
Hometown: Wellsburg, NY
Major: Mechanical engineering technology
One word: Teamwork
Fast Fact: “I play the banjo.”
Elizabeth Rebmann Elizabeth Rebmann, Orientation Leader
Hometown: Attica, NY
Major: Nursing
One word: Kind
Fast Fact: “I'm a resident assistant in MacKenzie North during the school year.”
Dylan Rendo Dylan Rendo, ’18, Orientation Leader
Hometown: Penfield, NY
Major: Business administration
One word: Persistent
Fast Fact: “I’m a huge movie buff.”
Makenzie Riley Makenzie Riley, ’17, Orientation Leader
Hometown: Ballston Lake, NY
Major: Interior design
One word: Freedom
Fast Fact: “I have broken both ankles and a rib.”
Will Robinson Will Robinson, ’18, Orientation Leader
Hometown: Queens, NY
Major: Sport management
One word: Equality
Fast Fact: “I'm all about positive vibes.”
Benjamin Snoreck Benjamin Snoreck, ’20, Orientation Leader
Hometown: Andover, NY
Major: Mechanical engineering technology
One word: Caring
Fast Fact: “I’m very into martial arts.”

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