Townhouse Open House

Alfred State College has a lot to "crow" about this year-we are celebrating our centennial anniversary, we are seeing the completion of many of our building projects, and we are looking forward to the start of the new school year and renewed acquaintance with our Village neighbors.

The most visible new construction is the 150-bed townhouse-style residence halls which can be seen as soon as a visitor enters campus from the stop light on Main St.  These beautiful brick structures are comprised of six residential buildings housing five or six fully equipped apartments, including a full kitchen, a furnished living room, two-and-a-half baths, and six private furnished bedrooms as well as a (seventh) commons building which offers a centralized laundry area and meeting facilities. 

Parking lots have been paved and landscaping completed.

Doesn't sound like the typical dorm room, does it?  Well, it's not.  This complex offers private accommodations for primarily upper-level students who seek apartment-style living options instead of the more traditional suite and corridor-style living facilities. Curious?  Want to visit the Alfred State College campus and tour the townhouse complex?

The public is invited to attend an "open house" and reception at the townhouses on Tuesday, Aug. 21, 2007, from 4:30-5:30 p.m.  Please start at the commons building; guided tours will be available and light refreshments will be served.

Parking is plentiful and in close proximity to the buildings.