Alumni Give NASCAR to Bryce Davis

NASCAR for BryceSmiles were the order of the day when local student Bryce Davis, 16, of Canisteo, was the recipient of a NASCAR from Alfred State College alumni Robert, '86, and Carrie (Cassidy), '98, Struble from Charlotte, NC. Struble, a 1986 graduate of Alfred State's ornamental horticulture/landscape design program, and his wife, a 1998 graduate of ASC's ornamental horticulture-floriculture merchandising program, presented a NASCAR, towing trailer, spare set of tires, and extra engine to Bryce during ceremonies held at the college.  

Why Bryce?  And why now?

Carrie Struble, who grew up in Canisteo, had known Bryce's parents for nearly her entire life.  She was also aware that Bryce showed potential for becoming an accomplished race car driver.  He started with motorcycles and moved to modified dirt cars.  He currently races at the local tracks (i.e., Woodhull, Holland, etc.) and is 6th place in the standing for the race season.  Because Bryce shows such potential with his driving skills, Bob and Carrie, both with strong ties to this area wanted to assist him with getting into the Developmental Driving Program (DDP) in North Carolina. (This program is not a NASCAR program, but a program from which NASCAR attempts to identify good drivers.) 

However, in order to participate in this program, each individual must have his own NASCAR and all the accompanying accoutrements. In an effort to introduce Bryce to the race "shops" in North Carolina, the Strubles hosted Bryce and his family in North Carolina to introduce him to people in the industry and with racing's DDP.  At that time, Bryce took a few laps around an asphalt track (unfamiliar to him until then as he has been racing on dirt tracks thus far). 19 seconds for a lap is considered very good for a beginner.  Nervous, Bryce started fish-tailing, but he straightened, and ended up completing a lap in 18 seconds. 

Bryce's ability to "bring it home," was a deciding factor in the Strubles' decision to sponsor him.  "We wanted to be in on the ground floor of this guy's success," noted Struble in his remarks. Additionally, Struble, whose mother still lives in West Almond, wanted to "help give a young person an opportunity to succeed at what he loves"...much like the Strubles themselves.  "We wouldn't be where we are without the support of our families and the education we received at Alfred State," Struble noted, emotion evident in his voice.

Other factors which weighed in the Strubles' decision to sponsor Bryce included the knowledge that Bryce "has never been in trouble, he holds a job, he's helpful to others, and he is an honorable person.  There is no better choice than Bryce," said Bob, who spoke on behalf of himself and his wife who was unable to accompany him to Alfred.

Bryce, a junior at Canisteo-Greenwood High School, would like to continue his education at Alfred State following graduation. 

Bryce and Struble Pictured here, Bob Struble makes the formal presentation to Bryce.