Students Benefit from Work-Grant Program

Each year, The Educational Foundation of Alfred, Inc. annually funds Alfred State students through its work-grant program, allowing students who are ineligible for work-study funds to find employment on campus. For award year 2011-12, the foundation provided $9,342.92 in work-study funds for 12 students in the engineering, human resources, international student records and financial services, student activities, and public relations offices. The grant is renewable on an annual basis.

Students who receive work-study funds from the foundation to work in specific areas on campus are considered regular employees and must maintain the level of professionalism required of their colleagues. Additionally, departments within Alfred State can request student workers with specific skills and the work-grant coordinator attempts to meet those needs with appropriate student help. The program is administered through the Student Records and Financial Services Office.

The Educational Foundation of Alfred, Inc., is a private foundation representing faculty, staff, and friends of Alfred State dedicated to improving the Alfred State community through the support of educational programs. The foundation provides monetary support to enhance learning opportunities for students through scholarships, work grants, and community service projects, including funding the hands-on home construction projects of the building trades program. It also owns and maintains the Alfred State School of Applied Technology in Wellsville, NY, and has invested over $2.3 million in improvements there since 1996. The activities pursued by the Educational Foundation of Alfred, Inc., are governed by a board of directors made up of representatives from the alumni, College Council, faculty, staff, and friends of the college.