Alfred State Hosts SUNY Student Senate’s Meeting

Alfred State hosted a meeting of the SUNY Student Senate on Saturday, Feb. 16. In all, 28 SUNY Student Senate members, including a member of the SUNY Board of Trustees, traveled from Albany to attend the day-long conference which included campus tours and events planned by the Alfred State Student Senate.

The SUNY Student Senate acts as a forum between SUNY students, the SUNY Chancellor, and SUNY Board of Trustees on matters impacting areas of student concern and is a communication network for campus student government leaders. Members of Alfred State’s Student Senate welcomed the guests, arranged campus tours and provided an evening dinner for them with the Alfred State President’s Council which was followed by an evening entertainment show.

SUNY Student Senate with Alfred State administration Caption: Front, from left, SUNY Student Senate Secretary Samantha Kloeckener and Vice President Nicole Williams, with Alfred State Student Senate President Courtney Cardinal. Back row, from left, Alfred State’s Student Senate Technology Chair Joshua Altemoos; SUNY Student Senate Executive Board President and SUNY Trustee Kevin Rea, Alfred State’s Executive Vice President Val Nixon, Vice President of Student Affairs Greg Sammons, College Council Chair Pat Fogarty, and SUNY Student Senate Treasurer Bryan Meyers.