Dr. Kellogg authors new book, Barry Baskerville Solves a Case

Dr. Richard Kellogg, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Alfred State, is the author of a new book titled BARRY BASKERVILLE SOLVES A CASE. The children's story, beautifully illustrated by graphic artist Gary Kato, is about a precocious youngster who aspires to become a famous detective like his role-model Sherlock Holmes. Barry Baskerville amazes his classmates and teachers with his amazing powers of observation and deduction. Barry even manages to solve a baffling mystery and convinces his parents that he has the necessary abilities to become a skillful investigator.

BARRY BASKERVILLE SOLVES A CASE is intended for an audience of young readers between the ages of seven and 10. The book is published by Airship 27 of Fort Collins, CO, and is available at the Amazon website.

Dr. Kellogg is the author of three previous books involving Sherlock Holmes and the most recent one is titled VIGNETTES OF SHERLOCK HOLMES (New York: Gryphon Books, 2008). He has received grants from the SUNY Research Foundation to develop instructional materials on the problem-solving methodology of Sherlock Holmes. A frequent contributor to THE BAKER STREET JOURNAL and THE SERPENTINE MUSE, Kellogg enjoys introducing young readers to the magical world of Sherlock Holmes and his loyal companion, Dr. John Watson.