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“Take Back the Night” Program On Campus

Printer-friendly version Posted Date: Monday, May 24, 2010 - 10:45

Take Back the NightAlfred State College recently conducted a “Take Back the Night” program on campus to raise awareness about domestic abuse. More than 80 students marched through campus chanting “Take Back the Night, Alfred State Unite” following a slide show and reading of real sexual assault stories. The march culminated in the Central Dining Hall where students watched Gabriella Garcia Medina, a spoken word artist, who shared a personal poem about an abusive relationship that she had been involved in for two years. This shared experience allowed the audience to connect with her and recognize the empowerment and strength that women have. It also allowed the audience to see her as a survivor, and someone who was able to escape and overcome the verbal, emotional, and physical abuse in her own life. This event was organized by Hollie Hall, forensic science technology, a brother of Kappa Sigma Epsilon narrated the show.