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Posener to Present at ACUHO-I Living Learning Programs Conference

Printer-friendly version Posted Date: Wednesday, July 27, 2011 - 07:34

Paul D. PosenerPaul D. Posener, director of LLC—A Success Story,” at the 2011 ACUHO-I Living Learning Programs Conference in Orlando in October. Posener’s topic, a review of Alfred State’s first venture into a “living-learning” community lifestyle for select students, will look at the 2010-11 academic year and how this LLC program was developed and shaped, the physical changes executed by Hank Colker of WTW Architects to renovate a residence hall to fit the program, and how this program reached its initial retention goals within the first year.

Additionally, he will look at how the unique nature of Alfred State College, a college of technology with two- and four-year degree programs, initially affected LLC recruitment. How does a college of technology with housing fluctuations throughout the year build an LLC that has a lasting effect on its students?

Posener will also discuss how the impact of this LLC has led to other academic departments on campus clamoring to partner with the Residential Life Department to build an LLC for their academic area and how the success of this LLC has led to future construction/renovation residence hall designs that include LLC concepts as a key component.

Posener’s final point will look at how the future landscape of Residential Life at Alfred State College will be shaped by LLC development.

Posener, Wellsville, has been a member of the Alfred State College staff since 2008.

Posener holds a master of science degree from SUNY College at Buffalo and a bachelor of arts degree from SUNY Fredonia.