Professors, Alfred State Honors Program students discuss Trump presidency

Printer-friendly version Posted Date: Thursday, April 6, 2017 - 10:15
Honors students gather with their professors
Pictured are Alfred State Honors Program students, along with Alfred State Assistant Professor Dr. Rex Olson, first from the left,
and Alfred University Emeritus Professor Dr. Robert Heineman, farthest right.

The Alfred State Honors Program partnered with the college’s Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences recently to host “President Donald Trump: The First 60 Days,” a conversation with Dr. Robert Heineman, emeritus professor at Alfred University, and Dr. Rex Olson, assistant professor at Alfred State.

Last fall, these same professors presented a discussion on candidates Trump and Hillary Clinton one week before the election, when many predicted a win for Clinton. The recent seminar focused on Trump’s surprise victory and his use of executive orders, including the controversial immigration orders.

An energized audience of students kept both Heineman and Olson busy commenting on the president’s actions thus far and hypothesizing on his future actions.