Students present community visualization project at statewide conference

Printer-friendly version Posted Date: Wednesday, April 19, 2017 - 15:00

Having devised a plan that outlines their vision for the future of Wellsville, four fourth-year Alfred State architecture students recently presented their work as part of a poster session at the 2017 New York Statewide Preservation Conference in Rochester.

The students who presented included Steven Carpenter, architectural technology, Tioga, PA; Kelsey Ayers, architectural technology, Leicester; Alexis Blair, architectural technology, Clifton Springs; and Amber Barnhart, architecture, Bovina Center.

The work focused on a project the students undertook last semester as part of Design Studio 5: Urban Design, in which they worked closely with residents and community leaders in the Allegany County village of Wellsville. The students produced a community visualization study to create a vision for the sustainability and growth of Wellsville, which was included in the village’s new comprehensive plan. Part of the study focused on the preservation and adaptive reuse of several buildings along Wellsville’s Main Street.

In addition to the final presentation, the nine-week project also included the completion of a Neighborhood Development Analysis to familiarize students with the village, a meeting with village officials midway through the project, and a public display of the student work at the Community Design Center gallery in downtown Rochester.

This conference is the only event of its kind in the New York State — a multi-day gathering for anyone involved in preservation and community revitalization.  It’s an opportunity to learn, network, and become inspired.

Students present work at statewide conference.
Pictured at the 2017 New York Statewide Preservation Conference in Rochester, from left to right, are Alfred State students Steven Carpenter, Kelsey Ayers, Alexis Blair, and Amber Barnhart.