Alfred State honors 20-year employees

Printer-friendly version Posted Date: Friday, June 2, 2017 - 14:00

Members of the faculty and staff at Alfred State were honored recently for their years of service to the college.

Those employees honored for 20 years included Joanne Bailey, janitor, Facilities Services; Debra Burch, associate professor and department chair, Culinary Arts; Evan Enke, assistant professor, Computer and Information Technology; David Hunt, associate professor, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Technology; Regina Pollard, professor, Social and Behavioral Sciences; Michael Putnam, professor, Physical and Life Sciences; Christopher Staba, associate professor, Automotive Trades; and Bradley Thompson, assistant professor and department chair, Electrical Trades.

Honorees received a college clock and a certificate to commemorate the occasion.

faculty members standing and sitting with their certificates
Front row from left to right, are Christopher Staba and David Hunt. Back row
from left to right are Bradley Thompson, Regina Pollard, and Michael Putnam.