Students praise Alfred State in two national polls

Printer-friendly version Posted Date: Tuesday, August 15, 2017 - 10:45

With the big move-in day on campus next week, the number of discussions online among young people about college life, anticipation, and expectations are dominating their online social channels. Those student discussions and opinions are so highly valued, that two national polls rely on student input to rank schools across the country.

Both and Princeton Review report that Alfred State received high praise from current students. The two rankings make those candid comments available online for prospective students and their parents to read and to find out what it’s really like to attend.

Princeton Review named Alfred State among the Best Northeastern Colleges for 2018, placing the school on a coveted list of the 229 highest ranking colleges in the 11-state region. Students, who weighed in on academics, the student body, and campus life said that Alfred State:

According to poll results, Alfred State had several majors ranked No. 1 overall among New York public colleges, including building trades, culinary arts, mechanics, and veterinary studies. also ranked Alfred State No. 5 among New York public colleges on “Best College Food” poll. When asked to describe Alfred State:

In addition to polling students, the Princeton Review surveys administrators of each school to obtain data, and to gather administrator opinions on other colleges. Niche bases its rankings on a combination of data analysis along with reviews and survey responses from parents and students.

Students helping other students move in on campus.
Alfred State athletes help out during a past move-in day. The friendliness of students on campus is just one of the things that students participating in Princeton Review and polls liked about the college.