Alfred State College honors 10-year employees

Printer-friendly version Posted Date: Wednesday, June 26, 2019 - 09:15

Members of the faculty and staff at Alfred State were recently honored for their 10 years of services at the college.

Those honored included Sandra Burdick, event concierge, Student Engagement; Linda Chase, cleaner, Facilities Services; Jamie Cline, cleaner, Facilities Services; Laurie Dunn, associate professor, Nursing; George Merry, assistant professor, Computerized Design and Manufacturing; Nathan Monroe, cleaner, Facilities Services; Mary Perkins, cleaner, Facilities Services; Dr. Douglas Pierson, associate professor, Agriculture and Veterinary Technology; Jeanine Rose, assistant director, Health and Wellness Services; Laurie Spike, supervising janitor, Facilities Services; and Christian Vernam, assistant director of financial aid, Student Records and Financial Services.

Honorees received a certificate and a college umbrella.

employees sitting and standing holding certificates and umbrellas
Front row, l-r are Jamie Cline, Dr. Douglas Pierson, Sandra Burdick, and Laurie Dunn. In the second row, l-r are Christian Vernam, George Merry, Jeanine Rose, and Nathan Monroe.