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Students registering for online course(s) must successfully complete the Online Student Success course before gaining access to their registered course(s). This course contains valuable information that online students will need. Topics include: using Blackboard, technology services, academic regulations pertinent to online students, online student services, and much more. Students will log into Blackboard, review material, and pass a short quiz on each area to gain access to the online course(s) that they have registered for. Questions about the Online Student Success course may be directed to Tammy Woods Edwards at 607-587-4017 or

Aug. 25 - Dec. 5, 2014

Course #NameFaculty
ACCT 5043Accounting PerspectivesStolberg
ANTH 5333Medical AnthropologyAmati
BIOL 1114Human Anatomy & Physiology IWaldeis
BIOL 1114Human Anat & Physiology I - LabWaldeis
BIOL 2214Human Anatomy & Physiology IIWaldeis
BIOL 2214Human Anat & Physiology II - LabWaldeis
BIOL 2303Human BiologyLink
BIOL 4403PathophysiologyPutnam
BUAD 1103KeyboardingGerling-Yelle
BUAD 1543GrammarGerling-Yelle
BUAD 3043Business Law IDamrath
BUAD 3153Fundamentals of ManagementMcCool
BUAD 5003Management CommunicationsBack
BUAD 5013Principles of LeadershipBack
BUAD 5023Human Resource ManagementStaba
BUAD 5043Business EthicsDamrath
BUAD 5053Software Applications in BusinessMcCool
CISY 1003Intro to Microcomputer ApplicationsLaw
CISY 1003Intro to Microcomputer ApplicationsStaff
CISY 7023Compu Forensics & Legal IssuesTorpey
CISY 7023Compu Forensics & Legal Issues LabTorpey
COMP 1503Freshman CompositionIanovici
CTRP 1174Realtime Writing Theory ID. Green
CTRP 2274Realtime Writing Theory IID. Green
CTRP 2603Personal Dictionary Prod & MaintD. Green
CTRP 3111 Transcript ProductionD. Green
CTRP 3363Tech for Reporting/CaptioningBlake
CTRP 4265Speed Bldg II for Reporting & CapBlake
CTRP 4365Speed Bldg III for Reporting & CapD. Green
ECON 1013MacroeconomicsMcCool
FSMA 8112 Financial Planning InternshipStaba
HIST 1143 Survey American History IKrezenski
HLTH 1313NutritionWaldeis
HLTH 5113Complementary & Altv MedicineWaldeis
HPED 1111Health & WellnessBoyd
HUSR 1303Intro Alcoholism/Substance AbuseRecktenwald
HUSR 5203Grants Contracts Organ Adv HSDouglas
ITAL 1303Italian IBarbato
ITAL 1303Italian ITravaglione
LITR 2033The Short StoryIanovici
LITR 2343Children's LiteratureStafford
MATH 1123Statistics IStewart
MEDR 1114Introduction to HIMLocke
MEDR 1114Introduction to HIM - LabLocke
MEDR 1132Essentials of PharmacologyFischer
MEDR 1133Medical TerminologyPutnam
MEDR 1223Health Data ManagementLocke
MEDR 1223Health Data Management- LabLocke
MEDR 1234ICD-9-CM, ICD-10CM/PCS CodingM. Green
MEDR 1234ICD-9-CM, ICD-10CM/PCS Coding LabM. Green
MEDR 1244CPT & HCPCS Level II CodingM. Green
MEDR 1244CPT & HCPCS Level II Coding LabM. Green
MEDR 2614Advanced Coding & ReimbursementMatteson
MEDR 2614Advanced Coding & Reimbursement LabMatteson
MEDR 3114Electronic Health Record ManagementLocke
MEDR 3114Electronic Health Record Management LabLocke
MEDR 3414Quality & Legal Aspects of HIMMatteson
MEDR 3414Quality & Legal Aspects of HIM LabMatteson
MEDR 4111 Health Information Tech SeminarMatteson
MEDR 4214 Insurance & Reimbursement ProcessingMatteson
MEDR 4214Insurance & Reimbursement Processing LabMatteson
MEDR 4312Intro to HIM PPEMatteson
MEDR 4322Coding PPEMatteson
MEDR 4514 Alternate Care Health Info ManagementMatteson
MEDR 4514Alternate Care Health Info Management LabMatteson
NURS 5003Ethical Issues in Health CareHarmon
NURS 5023 Contemporary NursingYates
NURS 5023Contemporary NursingMullikin
NURS 6413Health Assessment & PromotionJones
NURS 7003Nursing ResearchSager
NURS 7004Population Focused Care in CommunityJones
NURS 8002 Informatics & Tech App in HealthHarmon
NURS 8013Professional CapstoneHarmon
PHIL 2013Critical ThinkingCohen
PSYC 1013General PsychologyStaff
SPAN 1203Spanish IWheaton
SPCH 1083Effective SpeakingMitchell
SPCH 1083Effective SpeakingStaff
SPMG 3001Field Experience IFuller
SPMG 4001Field Experience IIFuller
TMGT 5001Professional Business SeminarStaba
TMGT 7003Managing Technology InnovationVonStackelberg
TMGT 7153Principles of ManagementMcCool
TMGT 8112 Tech Management InternshipStaba

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