About the Pioneer Cup

Pioneer Cup is a friendly competition between the college’s residence halls for leadership in civic engagement, sustainability, and wellness. Throughout the year, residents earn points for their halls by participating in a wide variety of activities, programs, and events related to the competition themes. For example, residents can earn points for participating in a community service event, donating blood, or participating in intramural sports. In addition, residence halls have the opportunity to earn points for environmentally responsible behaviors such as recycling and conserving energy.

A series of awesome prizes are awarded regularly over the course of the competition. Residents receive a chance to win these prizes for each Pioneer Cup activity or event in which they participate. The winning residence hall each month receives a financial award that can be used to purchase a hall amenity (e.g., pool table, ping pong table, foosball table, water bottle fill stations) or community program as selected by its Hall Council.

The Pioneer Cup is a joint-program of the Center for Civic Engagement, Health & Wellness Services, and Residential Life. It is managed by a Steering Committee with representatives from each of the participating departments. A student Civic Engagement Advocate also serves on the committee and coordinates the program throughout the year.

For more information, please contact pioneercup@alfredstate.edu.