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Pioneer Cup Scoring

How to Earn Points

Residents earn points for their halls by participating in the events, programs, and activities listed below. With so many point opportunities, everyone can contribute in some way! Participation in events and activities is tracked through sign-in forms, so be sure to sign in with your name, email, and residence hall to get credit for participating.

We regularly update the list of scoring opportunities over the semester. If you are organizing an eligible event through residential life, your event will automatically be counted as a Pioneer Cup event if your RA completes the pre-event planner and post event forms in PioneerLink. For anyone else, contact civicengagement@alfredstate.edu if you would like an event, activity, or program you are organizing to be considered for Pioneer Cup points at least a week before the event is scheduled to take place.

Earn points any of the ways below:

1. Event participation

You can earn Pioneer Cup points by participating in the events and activities shown on this calendar. Contact civicengagement@alfredstate.edu to learn more.

2. Program participation

3. Residence hall recycling data

  • Earn points each month for level of recycling in each residence hall (calculated by poundage)

4. One time activities

  • Sustainability challenges and competitions

How Scores Are Calculated

Scoring is simple! Residence halls are awarded points based on the percentage of their residents that complete the actions listed above. In addition, the Steering Committee will be offering a variety of special bonus opportunities during the year at often times monthly.