Frequently Asked Questions about Computer Helpdesk

How do I access BannerWeb?
  1. In Banner Webclick Continue, then click on: Enter Secure Area
  2. Login: Enter your Social Security Number - e.g., 999999999 - or your Alfred State Student ID Number (begins with 800), and your login PIN.

First Time Users

Login to Banner Web using your student ID #, which begins with 800. If you do not know this, you can use your SS#. Your student ID # and initial PIN will be sent to you after applying to Alfred State. It will be mailed to the address listed on your application.

After you enter your user ID and PIN, you will be asked to create a new login PIN (six characters, alpha, numeric digits, or a combination of both.) This screen will ask you to re-enter your initial PIN (which is randomly generated) and then enter your new six-character PIN, and to verify your new PIN. Click on Login.

Returning Users

Use the login PIN number you created the first time you used the system. If you have forgotten your PIN, enter your User ID (Social Security # or your 800 Student Number), and click on Forgot Pin. Your self-established hint question will appear. When you answer this question correctly, Banner Web will allow you to reset your PIN. Please remember your response to your hint question is case sensitive.

NOTE: WHEN CREATING YOUR NEW LOGIN PIN, BE SURE TO MAKE IT: 1) easy to remember, and 2) a six-character alpha-numeric PIN. The feature requiring you to submit a self-established hint question and answer will assist you if you forget your PIN in the future.

I have tried several times to log on with my network account, but am not successful. Now it says I need to contact my Network Administrator. Why?

After five failed attempts to log on using the same network account, the account becomes locked out. This policy ensures others do not try to guess or otherwise hack another user's account. After 15 minutes, your account will be unlocked and you can attempt to log in again.

When is the Help Desk open?

Help Desk Hours

Regular Business Hours
Monday -Thursday: 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Friday: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Saturday: 1 - 5 p.m.
Sunday: 1 - 5 p.m.
Summer/ Winter Break Business Hours
Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Contact us via email: or phone: (607) 587-4357.

When is the Plotter Room open?

The Plotter Room is located in the Engineering Technology Building, room 213.

Day of the WeekHours Open
Monday9 a.m. - 11 p.m.
Tuesday9 a.m. - 11 p.m.
Wednesday9 a.m. - 11 p.m.
Thursday9 a.m. - 11 p.m.
Friday9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Sunday5 - 11 p.m.
Are laptop computers a required purchase for Alfred State College freshmen in all curriculums?

No. Alfred State College has embarked on a program to incorporate laptop computer technology in selected curriculums at this time. Laptop computers are popular among all students at Alfred State College and you may want to consider purchasing a portable laptop rather than a desktop. Alfred State maintains three general access computer laboratories (Alfred campus). Most software and services on the campus network are available in the general access laboratories. In addition, there are computers available in the college libraries for academic use.

Are there any restrictions on what I use for a password?

Password security is an important part of Alfred State's security. Passwords are always case-sensitive, which means a lower-case "a" is different from an upper-case "A". The minimum password length is eight characters. Also, your password must contain at least two of the following: alphabetical, numeric, and symbol characters. When you change your password, you can not use the same password you used the previous six times. This is called the password history, and ensures users create new passwords more frequently instead of "bouncing" between a few different passwords.

Can I let my relatives or friends use my account?

Your username and password are your responsibility and should not be shared with anyone else. By sharing your account with others, you violate several Computing Policies as well as the Student Conduct Code. Violations of these policies and codes can result in account revocation, disciplinary action, and even expulsion. If you believe someone else is using your account, please change your password immediately. If you would like to report the incident, please contact the Help Desk at (607) 587-4357 or

Do all students have an Alfred State College e-mail account?

All students are given an e-mail account along with a limited network account within one week of paying their admissions deposit to the college. The network username is the first six letters of the last name, first initial, and middle initial. 

Do I have to pay for Internet Access?

There are no additional fees for Internet access. When students connect their machine to the network, Internet access is provided.  Students living in dormitories are required to register their computers on the network prior to accessing the Internet.

How do I change my password while off campus?

You may utilize the NetID "change password" utility alter your password as long as you remember your current password. First you will need to navigate to There are several text boxes to be filled in; username (LLLLLLFM), old password, new password, and confirm new password. Once all text boxes are filled in properly, click on the save button toward the top of the page. A screen will report back if the change was successful. If you are a student you will navigate to to log in with your new credentials. If you are a faculty or staff member you will navigate to to log in with your new credentials.

How do I change my password while on campus?

All lab computers, and computers part of the domain, can be used to change your password. You will need to know your username and old password in order to change your password. The easiest way to change your password is to press Ctrl-Alt-Del keys. There should be a "Change Password" button listed. Click on this button. There are several text boxes to be filled in. The domain can be listed as asc or You will need to fill in the old password, and type in a new password twice, and click OK.

How do I connect my machine to the campus network?

Both wired and wireless connectivity are available throughout most of the campus. For a wired connection, you will need to bring your own Cat5 network cable.

Laptops - To take advantage of the wireless network, please make sure your computer has a wireless card. To use the wired network, the laptop will need a traditional 10 base T Ethernet card and Ethernet cable. If you will be using the laptop in a laptop-required curriculum, please make sure the laptop meets or exceeds the minimum specifications for the program.

How long will my network account last at Alfred State College?

As long as you are at least a part-time student, faculty or staff member of Alfred State College in good standing your account will be active. Employees of Alfred State College will have their accounts removed at the end of the day of their last day of State service unless other arrangements are made. Account removal is permanent and includes all account related resources; including e-mail account and network drive space. It is highly recommended all employees back up their data on a regular basis. Accounts for students are removed annually in October.  Students, who are not enrolled at that point in time, will have their accounts removed.  Account removal is permanent and includes all account related resources. It is highly recommended all students back up their data on a regular basis.

How long will my password last? Is there a password expiration?

Passwords last approximately 120 days. This means if you set a new password today, approximately four months from now it will expire. When you log into Webmail, or a computer on the Alfred State Domain, such as a lab computer, you will receive a password expiration reminder approximately 14 days before your password expires. Once your password has expired, you will need to immediately change your password upon your next successful logon. Until you change an expired password, you will not be able to access Alfred State College resources. Although password expiration is around 120 days, it is recommended you change your password at least once in the middle of each semester. If you suspect someone is using your account, change your password immediately. Keep in mind if you change your password on a regular basis, you will not have to worry about password expirations at all.

I don't see my question answered here. Who can I ask?

Contact the Help Desk to resolve any other account or password questions. Phone: (607) 587-4357. Email: The Help Desk is located in the basement of the Hinkle Library.

I'm new to Alfred State. What is my username and password?

Alfred State uses a standard username format as follows:

First six letters of your last name + first letter of your first name + first letter of your middle name

For instance: John Q. Hopkins username would be HopkinJQ

Deb Q Long's username would be LongDQ

Greg Troops (no middle name) username would be TroopsG

Occasionally, there will be several users with the same username. In this case, a numeric value is appended to the end of the username.

For example, let's say there are three John J Adams. Their usernames would be: AdamsJJ AdamsJJ2 AdamsJJ3

For a password, Alfred State initially uses your birthday typed like so: mmddyyyy. So, if your birthday was Nov. 22, 1983, your initial password would be: 11221983

Note: Users should change their password from the initial one as soon as possible.

Is there a benefit to purchasing a laptop through the HP laptop partnership?

Alfred State has partnered with Hewlett-Packard to offer laptop recommendations to our students. Through the campus partnership with HP we can be confident that the machines offered will meet the needs of our students. These models include business class hardware and on-campus support at a discounted academic price. When purchasing a laptop through the partner program you have the ability to bring your computer to the Computer Help Desk if you encounter a hardware or software problem. As part of the laptop program when you bring your computer to the Help Desk you are eligible for a loaner to use while your laptop is being repaired. Before choosing a laptop for college you should visit the Laptop Required Curriculums page to see the specifications required for your curriculum.

What do I do if both my roommate and I bring a computer to school and want Internet access?

The campus is actively upgrading the number of data ports available in student dorm rooms.  For rooms that still have one data port, a competitively priced switch can be purchased at the campus bookstore.

Most laptops will have built in wireless cards, so connecting to the campus network is not limited by the number of data ports in a room.

What is my Alfred State email account and password?

Your Alfred State email account and password are the same as your network account and password.

What kind of Internet connection does the school have?

The campus has a 900 mb connection to the Internet.

Where can I get my HP laptop serviced?

If you purchased a laptop through the HP laptop partner program with Alfred State, your laptop can be fully supported at the Technology Services Computer Help Desk. You can be given a loaner laptop, if available, to use while your laptop is being repaired at the Computer Help Desk. Warranty service is provided by a HP certified technician. The college can only provide limited services for laptops that have not been purchased through the HP laptop partner program.

Will I have an Internet connection in my room?

The campus is actively upgrading the number of data ports available in student dorm rooms.  When students connect their computer to the network, they will also have high-speed Internet access. 

The campus is also equipped with a wireless network, which allows students Internet and network access using a laptop and wireless card. Wireless access is available in all campus buildings, including residence halls.

Can I bring a Mac if my major requires a Windows operating system?

If a student purchases an Apple laptop in a Windows required curriculum, it is the students responsibility for setting up Windows to run on a Mac.