Frequently Asked Questions about Health Services

Can I get a medical excuse for classes?

Medical excuses are not written. If a student is told that he/she should not attend classes, Health Center staff will notify the student’s adviser and/or faculty.

Can I make suggestions about something at the Health Center?

Please do! Either speak to any of the staff about your suggestions or concerns, or if you prefer, we have a patient survey form that allows you to write down your concerns and/or suggestions anonymously. These are available on various survey days or just ask for one. We encourage students to let us know what they would like provided by Health Services. Your feedback helps us to improve, and is valued input.

Can my child receive allergy injections at the Health Center?

Yes, allergy serum and allergists’ instructions must be brought to the Health Center by the student. At that time, they will be provided with information regarding times and days that serum can be administered. It is the responsibility of the student to keep track of their injection schedules and come for injections.

Do I need an appointment?

No appointments are necessary for routine medical services with a Registered Nurse. Appointments with a physician will be scheduled following an evaluation by a Registered Nurse only.

Do I need immunizations?

New York State law requires anyone born on or after 1/1/57 and taking six credit hours or more to provide the Health Center proof of two measles, one mumps, and one rubella immunization administered after their first birthday.

Public Health Law 2167 requires students to sign a meningitis response form. A meningitis immunization is not required; however, if you have received one, please place the type and date of immunization on the form.

How will it work with my HMO while my child is at school?

Health services will provide health care at no charge to the patient or insurance. If the student needs a local referral, we will assist them in getting any referral number necessary. Be sure your child knows the phone number they need to call in order to get this out-of-area referral number.

Who needs a Health Form?

Students attending classes on campus and taking six credit hours or more must have a health form on file at the Health Center. This includes a physical.

Whom do I see when I come in?

The receptionist or nurse will greet you at the reception window and request that you fill out a short intake form. You will then be evaluated by a Registered Nurse.

Can parents call the Health Center regarding their student’s illness?

For students who are 18 and over, we must have the student's written consent each and every illness or incident which specifies who we may release information to. This is in compliance with HIPAA laws.