Frequently Asked Questions about Veteran Parking

Are there parking considerations for veterans?

Yes! Effective April 1, 2010, a new policy went into effect that says:

Any veteran, as defined in section 360 of the New York State Education Law, in attendance as a student at the college shall be exempt from parking fees upon submission by the veteran of a written request for exemption together with written certification by the veteran that such veteran was honorably discharged or released under honorable circumstances from such service.

Are veterans eligible for both parking and registration fee exemptions?

Yes. The $95 paid when obtaining a student permit covers two fees:

  1. $84 for parking fee which goes towards parking lot restoration, paving, and upgrades
  2. $11 for registration costs such as hang-tags, decals, registration booklets, and cost of temporary staff who help issue permits each year
Does the courtesy of free veteran parking extend to faculty and staff?

No. The policy, as allowed by SUNY Policy 560.3, only extends to students.

Does the courtesy of free veteran parking extend to my immediate family?

No. The policy only allows veterans to receive the exemption and does not allow them to extend it to family members.

Does the veteran parking exemption include the transportation fee?

No. The student transportation fee is a separate fee not covered by this policy.

Does the veteran parking program include temporary parking permits?

Yes. Although, keep in mind that your student permit is free of charge and temporary permits are already free for the first 24 hours.  A request for a free week-long temporary permit would still require completion of the application for exemption and proof of honorable discharge or honorable release.

How do veterans get the parking fee exemption when a vehicle is registered?

Beginning with any new registration occurring after April 1, 2010, veterans can request the exemption by doing two things:

How will veterans know about the parking policy?

Through student announcements, a sign in University Police, our Web site, and word of mouth through other veterans. We are hopeful all veterans that are Alfred State students will take advantage of this courtesy. 

Is the free veteran parking a revised policy?

No. This is a new policy added into Section IV. (B), effective at Alfred State as of April 1, 2010.

Is there a form or application for veteran parking fee exemption?

Before parking registration begins for fall 2010 semester, a standard form will be created, approved, and available that will allow you to request the exemption without crafting your own letter. 

What if a veteran is on active duty and has not yet been discharged?

New York State Education Law, Section 360, defines the term "veteran" as a member of the armed forces of the United States who served in such armed forces in time of war and who was honorably discharged or released under honorable circumstances from such service. Therefore, a student requesting the exemption must show a DD Form 214 indicating past, completed service. A student still actively serving is not yet a veteran. Alfred State interprets the law to include students who served active duty, were honorably discharged, and decided to continue reserve service as eligible for this exemption.  The key document will be the DD Form 214 indicating past service resulting in honorable discharge or release.

What if I forget my DD Form 214 or don’t have proof of honorable discharge at the time I pick up my parking permit?

If you forget your proof of honorable discharge or DD Form 214, you will still obtain the permit at University Police and the fee will be added onto your student bill. When you have your completed form requesting the exemption and have your proof of honorable discharge or release ready, you may bring those documents to the Student Records and Financial Services Office to have the fee removed from your bill.

Where did the change for veterans' parking come from?

The change is created because of a 2007 SUNY Policy, 560.3(c) 3, that allows our campus to exempt veterans from parking fees.

Will veterans automatically be notified?

No. The College and the University Police Department will not automatically know that you are eligible. It is up to you to make the request for parking fee exemption and provide substantiating proof.

Where can I find out more about parking regulations?

You can learn all about parking by reading our parking regulations available online and/or by visiting the University Police Department, which is open 24 hours per day.