Semester in Italy

In Partnership with Sant'Anna Institute

Alfred State has partnered with Sant'Anna Institute (formerly Sorrento Lingue Institute) in Sorrento, Italy, to offer an optional semester of study abroad to its students. We are now accepting students from schools of architecture, the business administration (BBA) program, as well as any students who wish to fulfill liberal arts and humanities requirements while studying and living in a truly unique learning environment. Alfred State and Sant'Anna Institute now offer the American college student an enriching semester of studies in the south of Italy.

In keeping with Alfred State's mission, which is to offer two-year and four-year programs to prepare graduates to live as citizens of a global society, our study abroad program at Sant'Anna Institute (SASL) will establish a foundation for lifelong learning, foster an understanding of global culture, and better equip the participant to ‘hit the ground running' after graduation. The beautiful scenery of the Gulf of Naples and the safe and welcoming city of Sorrento provide the setting for an unforgettable educational experience.

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Architecture Studies

This is expected to be a seamless program that will allow students to spend their spring semester taking courses in Italian language delivered by Sant'Anna Institute with credit being granted through Alfred State. They will gain further Alfred State credit in an architectural design studio which will focus on historic preservation, and this will be taught by Alfred State faculty. The studio component will be consistent with the listed student learning outcomes of CIAT 6306: Studio II. Projects will involve field measurement and notations, analysis of traditional building methods, documentation, and adaptive re-use design proposals. Complementing the studio work in historic preservation will be field experience in Pompeii and Paestum as a component of a three credit hour Archaeology course taught by Italian faculty. Students may also enroll in a three credit hour Architectural Photography course, as well as an online version of CIVL 5213, our concrete design course.

Summary of courses:

NumberCourse NameCredits
CIAT 6406Studio Sorrento6
xxx3Archaeology - Cities of Fire *3
CIVL 5213Foundation and Concrete Construction (online)3
CIAT 4433Architectural Photography3
 Electives (choose one)  
ITAL 1303Italian I *3
HIST xxx3Western Civilization since 1500:
A Comparative Prospective *
FNAT xxx3In the Heart of the Art:
From Greek Art to Italian Baroque *
 Total 18

These courses are taught by Alfred State faculty unless otherwise noted. Students will also be able to customize their curriculum of study by taking online courses through Alfred State or any other institution. *Taught by SASL staff.

Business Administration Studies

For Alfred State junior business administration students, there is the added opportunity of studying the European Union. Italy, one of the 27 member states, is a symbol of success thanks to its system of capitalism. Required courses in International Business and Business in the European Union will give our students a global business perspective. Students will use a framework to research select bachelor business administration program outcomes (communication, management, marketing, and economics) from different European Union member state’s perspective. Students will have the opportunity to visit Italian businesses and participate in round table discussion with business leaders. Like us on Facebook.

Summary of courses:

NumberCourse NameCredits
BUAD 8013International Business3
BUAD 7xx3Business in the European Union3
BUAD 6113Strategic & Creative Problem Solving (online)3
MKTG 6003Strategic Marketing (online)3
 Electives (choose up to two)  
ITAL 1303Italian I *3
HIST xxx3Western Civilization since 1500:
A Comparative Prospective *
FNAT xxx3In the Heart of the Art:
From Greek Art to Italian Baroque *
xxx3Archaeology - Cities of Fire *3

These courses are taught by Alfred State faculty unless otherwise noted. Students will also be able to customize their curriculum of study by taking online courses through Alfred State or any other institution. *Taught by SASL staff.

Open Studies

Select From:

NumberCourse NameCredits
ITAL 1303Italian I through ITAL 63033
FILM 3113History of Italian Cinema3
FNAT 1133Survey of Art History: Ancient Greek Art3
HUMN 2114Culture of Italy in Context3
LITR 3113Creative Writing: Travel & Expr3
HIST 1113History of West Civil Since 16483
BIOL 1133Marine Biology3
GEOL 1133Intro to Geology3
GEOL 1233Volcanology3
ITAL 5113Contemporary Italian Literature3
ECON 5133Territory & Entrepreneurship3

Study abroad options are available for many programs.

See an altered course plan for students in the following programs:

  • Architectural Technology (BS degree)
  • Biological Science (AAS degree)
  • Business Administration (BBA degree)
  • Coding and Reimbursement Specialist (certificate)
  • Construction Management Engineering Technology (BS degree)
  • Financial Planning (BBA degree)
  • Forensic Science Technology (BS degree)
  • Human Services Management (BS degree)
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences: Adolescent Education – Biology (AA degree)
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences: Adolescent Education – Chemistry (AA degree)
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences: Adolescent Education – Math (AA degree)
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences: Adolescent Education – Physics (AA degree)
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences: Social Science (AA degree)
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences: Math & Science (AA degree)
  • Surveying Engineering Technology (BS degree)
  • Technology Management (BBA degree)

Estimate of Costs

Studying abroad in Sorrento, Italy, is a once-in-a-life time experience with the potential to benefit participants in myriad ways. For example, employers are increasingly interested in students who have international experience. Although the benefits can be numerous, Alfred State officials realize finances are an important consideration in all aspects of the education experience. To provide current financial information, cost sheets are available from the International Student Services Office by contacting

Students participating in the Alfred State Sorrento study abroad program pay the same tuition and fees as all Alfred State students. Students participating in this program also pay for international insurance and a program fee.

Applications are being accepted for spring 2015 semester with a May 2, 2014 deposit deadline and fall 2015 semester with a Feb. 2, 2015 deposit deadline. A non-refundable deposit of $500 is due prior to each deadline. Interested students should contact Tricia Herritt for more information about the application process.

About the Area

The region of Campania which surrounds Sorrento possesses an immensely important architectural heritage that extends back to the age of Homer. Within easy reach are the Greek cities of Paestum and Cuma; the Roman cities of Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Puteoli; the Roman villas of Oplonti and Castellamare; the Renaissance and Baroque architecture of Naples; and the traditional Mediterranean townscapes of Ravello, Amalfi, Capri, Ischia, and Sorrento itself. The innumerable cultural assets of the area and independent travel opportunities promise an incomparable learning experience for students of all disciplines.

Faculty and ASC students will travel together in January to Sorrento, and, at the end of the term, students will be free to travel independently before returning to the US. Classes in Sorrento will commence in January and end in May.

Contact Us

For further information about the study abroad program please contact:

Jeffrey JohnstonAssistant
cell: 607-427-5636
Dianne TuzzolinoAssociate
Tricia HerrittCoordinator
of International
Student Services

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