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Fight Cancer


Live to Fight looks to address the issue of cancer through awareness with our college community, create advocates through membership and involvement, and develop opportunities for fundraising both locally and nationally.


Live to Fight would like to see more initiative to aid in the progression of prevention and treatment of all cancer related illnesses. Initiatives include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Access to affordable treatment
  • Education on prevention
  • Information on being prepared financially, emotionally, and physically

Live to Fight is dedicated to bringing civic engagement projects to Alfred State by spreading awareness about cancer and its effect on communities and families. A main project they have facilitated in the past is a “Born to Fight” inscribed rubber bracelet fundraiser. The funds from the bracelet project went directly towards an Alfred State student’s family member who was diagnosed with cancer. The bracelets made a huge impact causing many in the community to realize that cancer affects people of all ages; the family member who that received the donations was only three years of age.

Additional events and awareness campaigns:

  • *Boo Cancer (Awareness Event)
  • *Spread the Love (Fundraiser)
  • *Alfred STUN’s Fashion Show (Awareness and Fundraising)
  • *Hot Dog Day Weekend (Awareness and Fundraising)
  • Relay for Life (Awareness and Fundraising)

*Dedicated donations for St. Judes Children’s Hospital

Contact Us

For more information email LivetoFight@alfredstate.edu.

For current club events, see PioneerLink.