Health and Wellness Services Staff

  • Hollie Hall, LMHC, Senior Director of Health and Wellness Services
  • Dr. Rhonda Peterson, MD, Medical Director
  • Rex Olson, PhD, Director, Counseling Services
  • M. Vanessa Stachowski, RN, BC, Nurse II
  • Marylou Massara, RN, Nurse I
  • Lynn Biancuzzo, RN, Nurse I
  • Sandra Moore, RN, Nurse I
  • Barbara Woolston, RN, Nurse I
  • Jeanine Rose, MSEd, Counselor
  • Libby Tsibulsky, MSEd , Counselor
  • Magan Straight, MSEd, Counselor
  • Alexe K. Pask, MS, ATC, Assistant Athletic Trainer
  • Mickey Gingras, MS, ATC, Athletic Trainer
  • Jaime Palmatier, Assistant to the Senior Director
  • Jo York, Support Staff
  • Justin Cornelius, Coordinator of Student Affairs at Wellsville

Graduate Student Staff

The Health and Wellness Center also serves as a primary training site for graduate students from surrounding colleges that are enrolled in counselor education and psychology programs. These advanced graduate students are an important part of the Center’s clinical staff; one of them may be your counselor.