International Student Transportation Service

Greater Rochester International Airport Transfer Service for International Students

In order to serve the transportation needs of our international students, the International Student Services Office has the following services for students.

College Pickup Service

The college will provide free transportation service only from Greater Rochester International Airport to Alfred State. If students fly into other airports in New York State, they must use alternative transportation services for travel to Alfred State. These services include Trailways Bus, taxi, or limousine. International students can also choose an alternative pickup service, such as a friend or a taxi, if they do not wish to use the college pickup service.

Transportation Requests

Students must submit their request for transportation to the International Student Services Office ten (10) business days before service is needed. For arrival at Greater Rochester International Airport, in most instances, a college representative will meet students by the baggage claim area. For departure, students should wait for the bus at Orvis or the Administration Building.

Required Flight Information

It is the responsibility of the student to provide to the International Student Services Office the following information:

  • Name of airline carrier
  • Date of flight
  • Time of flight to Greater Rochester International Airport
  • Flight number
  • Flight connection city prior to arriving in Rochester

Flight Delays and Cancellations

In the event of weather delays, flight cancellations, or missed flights, the International Student Services Office should be contacted by phone 607-587-4059 in order to reschedule drivers for airport pickup. If these changes in flight schedules occur after college business hours while traveling, it is best to contact the University Police Office by phone 607-587-3999. A police officer will inform staff in the International Education Office as soon as possible to relay your message.

College Airport Shuttle Bus Service Schedule

The following is the shuttle schedule. If students arrive outside the schedule, they will need to find their own transportation to the college.

Fall 2014 departure from Alfred State is 6 a.m.:

  • Friday, Dec. 12
  • Saturday, Dec. 13
  • Sunday, Dec. 14

Spring 2015 pickup service is 6 p.m. at Greater Rochester International Airport (baggage claim area):

  • Wednesday, Jan. 21
  • Thursday, Jan. 22
  • Friday, Jan. 23
  • Saturday, Jan. 24

Spring 2015 departure from Alfred State is 6 a.m.:

  • Thursday, May 14
  • Friday, May 15
  • Monday, May 18
  • Tuesday, May 19