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Architecture Studies in Italy

Italy architectureThis is expected to be a seamless program that will allow students to spend their spring semester taking courses in Italian language delivered by Sant'Anna Institute with credit being granted through Alfred State. They will gain further Alfred State credit in an architectural design studio which will focus on historic preservation, and this will be taught by Alfred State faculty. The studio component will be consistent with the listed student learning outcomes of CIAT 6306: Studio II. Projects will involve field measurement and notations, analysis of traditional building methods, documentation, and adaptive re-use design proposals. Complementing the studio work in historic preservation will be field experience in Pompeii and Paestum as a component of a three credit hour Archaeology course taught by Italian faculty. Students may also enroll in a three credit hour Architectural Photography course, as well as an online version of CIVL 5213, our concrete design course.

Summary of courses:

Number Course Name Credits
CIAT 6406 Studio Sorrento 6
xxx3 Archaeology - Cities of Fire * 3
CIVL 5213 Foundation and Concrete Construction (online) 3
CIAT 4433 Architectural Photography 3
  Electives (choose one)  
ITAL 1303 Italian I * 3
HIST xxx3 Western Civilization since 1500:
A Comparative Prospective *
FNAT xxx3 In the Heart of the Art:
From Greek Art to Italian Baroque *
  Total 18

These courses are taught by Alfred State faculty unless otherwise noted. Students will also be able to customize their curriculum of study by taking online courses through Alfred State or any other institution. *Taught by SASL staff.