SUNYGREENSNY is a consortium of colleges and industries committed to spreading clean energy technology across New York State. All colleges in the consortium are part of the State University of New York (SUNY) system. Many of these same colleges have been collaborating for two years on a Construction Consortium project. The colleges have learned to share best practices and develop common programming and allow further development of expertise. The expertise of the various colleges will be utilized to develop common elements that can be employed for non-credit and credit offerings including distance education. This initiative grew out of the efforts and recommendations of NYS Gov. David Paterson's Renewable Energy Task Force. As a result, SUNYGREENSNY has been awarded a $2M grant from NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research and Development Authority).

SUNYGREENSNY partners have curricula expertise in architecture technology, construction technology, building construction (carpentry), masonry, electrician, electrical technology, engineering science, mechanical technology, and HVAC technician. These programs include faculty proficiency in such areas as design, construction, installation, instrumentation, and maintenance. They also offer educational experiences in non-credit, vocational, technology, and more theoretical educational models. Most of these colleges already have some level of course work developed in clean energy technology, such as photovoltaics, wind, solar thermal, and ground source heat pump. These current programs are key to the expansion of clean energy technology education, as it is evident that students are already engaged and actively participating in these programs.