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Fuller, Rhema C

Position Title: 
Assistant Professor
Office Location: 
EJ Brown Hall
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Dr. Rhema Fuller is in his fourth year as an Assistant Professor in the Business Department. His primary area of teaching is within the Sport Management programs. Prior to accepting a position at Alfred State, Dr. Fuller completed a doctoral degree at the University of Connecticut. While in Connecticut, he worked for three years as a coordinator for a sport-based youth development program in the inner city of Hartford for minority adolescent males. He also spent some time working in the Sports Marketing Department at the University of Michigan.

Courses Taught
Event Promotions and Sales
Field Experience I and II
Licensing and Endorsements
Intro to Sports Management
Pre-Internship Seminar
Sport in Society
Sport Business and Finance

Selected Scholarly Activities
Bruening, J.E., Fuller, R.D., Percy, V.E. (in press). A multilevel analysis of the lifespan of the campus- community partnership: From initiation to restructuring. Journal of Service-Learning in Higher Education.

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